Chicago area inspectors - Please note!

We have, officially, had the wetest year on record, since records were kept.

And now, with about 1 foot of snow on the ground, as of last night, we are having record warm weather AND huge thunderstorms coming through.

Be prepared for a HUGE increase in water intrusion and mold inspections.

Hey, work is work.

Look for a couple of new HI CE courses, with state CE approval. Water intrusion home inspections and Building Envelope Inspections, as well as the new thermal imaging certification classes.

Hope this helps;

Looks like we got a sneek preview at the Christmas party.
I request test subject pay, or do I just get the same fate as a Guinea pig.:slight_smile: ?

What do you do with guinea pigs?

Oh by the way- my basement has crazy seepage from ground water today.

Got a sump? Dry here, whew!
Maybe I was thinking of Hamsters :stuck_out_tongue:

Messed up my van parking in front of a freinds house as the water all turned to ice on me 2 days ago.

Took 45 minutes to get out and had a good samaritan spend 20 of them helping,but I got so much sand below the tires that it is still jamming the back pads some.

Yeah my sump pump was cycling on about every 3 minutes at one point.
Later after it calmed down i went to clear snow and debris off the street catch basins. It seems to help.