Chicago Nachi Masonry course

The course taught by Will Decker, was really informative on the evaluation of masonry for residential buildings. Will is a natural teacher. Jeff Merritt and Chris Kirkman did a great job running the room and course. I am looking forward to more Chi Nachi CE classes.


Great course subject, but I hope there is a microphone next time.

I had to sit in the back…This guy Bob took all the pizza and was playing with limestone and bricks… Man o Man… Never sat still…:smiley:

I wanted to put a MATTS tube in his ear and see how much Cola his head would absorb in 5 minutes…:stuck_out_tongue:

You too?

Seriously, I have a portable mic and the room was wired. Next time we will do it.

First time I ever heard you that you needed one before.:slight_smile:

Pat was in front of me holding up the 57 page manuel to look at the pretty pictures , So he may have been blocking my hearing and sight line.

Just mentioned the course to a Chicago Inspector concerned with high humidity levels in the concrete structure of a new high rise Condo building.

I guess it just seemed like every Inspector in Chicago was there (not all).

Jeffs impression of a “foreign born” sub contractor was worth the price of admission alone. :wink:

“More sand! Make Mortar STRONG!”

Here are photos from the course. Good course we have more coming.