Christmas question for Newbies

Okay young Grasshopper, you just opened the dishwasher and looked inside to find it empty. You start a cycle and almost within a minute, you smell something burning. It’s coming from the dishwasher.

You was never taught this in your schooling and it’s a first for you.
• What do you do and how do you report your observations.

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I would stop the dishwasher and turn breaker off. I would note in the inspection what happened and I would also leave a note or tell realtor . Then I would be thinking I may be buying a new dishwasher lol.

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Bill Scott, you would not be buying a dishwasher. Get that out of your head. All of these warranty companies have some of you running scared.

I have to ask … Why didn’t you reply with: I would just take a picture and upload it to a Facebook group and ask other Inspectors, what’s going on?

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Is the seller a magician?
If so, open the dishwasher again, and check for a rabbit smoking a cigarette.

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Well I take pictures but as far as the facebook group I am in you don’t always get a serious answer or you get people mocking you. I would try to figure out what happened as best as I can, But that being said it isn’t necessarily for me to diagnose what happened.

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Turn off the dishwasher and note defect, recommend service by a licensed appliance repair professional


Slow down guys.
It could be a Heating element right?
Maybe something is touching it … but wait, you just started the dishwasher a minute or two ago.

You don’t want to spend a long time figure this out and you have to move on.

Uh-Oh, now you’re putting that inner Inspector to use.

Think … because I guarantee this will happen to you.

Obviously you would turn it off as soon as you smelled something. Then (after the smell dissipated some) look inside again for packing material, tape, styrofoam, etc, on the heating element. I’d also note if it was one of the fire prone GE models…


Bill Scott, I like you.
You have the Old School Home Inspector mindest.

I wish you the very best.

Oh Yeah Nick, I’m getting some of these newer guys thinking on their own. They are thinking for themselves and they are making me proud.

They have the potential to think on their own and figure things out.

I am tiring out men. It’s been a long day and.I was just scared to fall asleep from the medicine the doctors injection into me today.

I don’t hardly post on the message board.but.I really enjoy a few minutes with you all.

I am thinking of coming on here at least once a week and maybe teaching you guys something. Tonight,.I just got you thinking, but the questions is only partially answered.

One of the reasons I don’t post is that daggone spell check changing my words.

Seriously though,
I’d check to see if the water supply to the dishwasher is shut off. If so, make a note of it.

Steven, the water supply is on.

Michael Egbert, you turn the dishwasher off and then you hear a lot of water running under the sink.

Oh crap. Did you just make a Boo-Boo or is it supposed to do this?

Let’s say that I don’t speak a English. Can you describe to me in simple terms, what’s going on?

I am scared from smelling something burning and then I hear a lot of water gushing below the sink.

Michael Egbert,. please tell us more.

Well I’m honestly at the edge of my expertise on this one. As far as water running after I shutoff the washer, are we talking about a burnt control board not closing the water inlet valve or a burnt inlet valve? What do I hear specifically or see when I look under the sink?

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I would figure out the client native language before beginning the inspection to reduce language barriers. Then shut off double inspect for the package material, proper connections under sink of which I should have seen under prior due to the possibility of an improper discharge and what not. And if I still had jumped the gun and turned it on without verifying proper connection prior to checking proper operations I would address as an improper installation refer to further evaluation by plumber for water or appliance… It would seem like a lot to process but if conducting an inspection in accordance to SOP this could be addressed as any other appliance or it would be a nice way to attain some PTSD, if an oops situation occurs.

“You was never taught this ?” :smiley:
You’re educating people with that grammar? ?

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Donald Hamilton welcome to our forum.

Hope to see you around here more. :smile:

Joseph Keresztury, WTF man? Wrong day to piss me off buddy.

I tell you what, you take over and explain what I was trying to say, since you can say it so much more eloquently!

Make a note: It’s not Michael. I’m a changed man who’s name is Cray, Cray.

Dude, I’ve had 24 years in this business. I’m retired because of my health and Respectfully, I don’t need nobody upsetting me.

So since you are so much better than me … Talk!

I would call the dishwasher out as detective and suggest a certified Technician examine the dishwasher and not to operate it until this was done
Jim McArthur
Calgary Alberta
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