Citizens Roof Cert in Branford, FL who wants it

First one to email me gets it. From google maps, its showing Branford being around 25 miles NW of Gainesville, FL. Anyone in that area that can do it preferably sometime Tuesday. It’s from one of my agents, I quoted her $55. is my email. I’ll reply as dispatched once sent out. Thanks everyone!

Now that’s one heck of a bargain.

Glenn, just wondering. Why would you give someone a price on something your not going to do? Just asking, not being confrontational. Just wondering why.

$55.00 for a roof certification are you NUTS! -X You got to be starving to travel to a location, do the field work, write a report for peanuts…](*,)
Like the REd Necks in my area will say: " You can not fix STUPID"-X

You set the price and then ask someone on this board to take this job…:frowning: WOW!

No wonder Home Inspectors have no respect in some parts of our state.:twisted:

No confrontation taken. The Citizens roof certification? What does anyone else charge for those? Maybe on the east coast thats low but over here my $55 fee is high. I’m talking the one page form that usually takes me 15-20 minutes onsite to conduct using the allinspections app from my phone and I’m done? That said I should have stated that better in that I said my fee is usually $55 but if you want the inspection and its way out f your way, quote what you want for it. Heck I had a call from a new agent today and asked how much I charge for a 4 point. When I said $90 she said her current inspector is doing them for $45. I just said sorry, can’t do that. Tampa St Pete is unfortunately filled with lowballers who would rather do work for chump change than understand how to run a business. That said again sorry if I upset anyone, my folks were flying in tonight and I havenKt seen them in 3 years and I was in a rush to just get it posted. Fee is whatever you want it to be if you can help the client out. How’s that for respect. Have a good labor day everyone…

Enjoy your family and have a great time. Thanks for the reply!

That sucks but I sure understand doing what it takes to make the money :slight_smile:

Hi Glen,

First let me start by saying I hope you have a great weekend.

I am in your area covering St Pete, Hillsborough and portions of Pasco and Polk counties.

I think you did the right thing by declining to match the price of the agent’s “other” inspector.

Maybe you should have asked this agent why she was calling you since he/she seemed so pleased with the “other” inspector.

I seem to do pretty well charging

$100 Wind Mit
$100 Roof Cert
$100 Four Points

$135 Combo Service
$150 for all three.

I guess my point is that the best way to combat the “low-ballers” is to not even get involved in the price war. If you provide a quality job and good customer service the work will come.

I look at it in this perspective. For every 20 inspection I do (typically what I average in a week) the “other” inspector will need to do 40 to make the same amount.

I’m not trying to tell anyone how to operate their business or even what they should charge. Just offering some insight into how I run mine.

Have a great holiday weekend.

Best regards


I read somewhere that if you focus on the business you’re not getting or that you lost, you’re not focusing on the business you could be getting. I don’t get involved in price wars or low balling. If someone else wants to do it for less, go ahead, more power to them.

SUCKS! That is not SUCKS. That is Embarrassing…

I all depends on how Bad a fellow needs money.

Although I believe it hurts us all. I would rather have anyone out there lowball stuff instead of beg or steel for what they need.

When you have a family I would say in today’s times a whole lot of folks really have NO choice. Work and get some money or try to prove a point and keep everyone happy and not get the money.

Money makes the world go round :frowning:

I wrote a huge responce but then the computer froze and i am not doing it again. Best wishes to us all.