Range hood vent near roof valley

Would you say anything if you see this in your roof inspection? Is it code violation?

(Ignore the existing opening, will be fixed. Picture just show the location, vent is not installed yet)

Closed point of flashing is 3" from center of valley. Closed point of the actual opening is 14" away.

I know it’s not ideal but this world has all sorts of constraints.

I wouldnt mention it


I don’t see an issue with it either, being that it’s installed above the valley it shouldn’t have much of an affect the flow water.


No problem, next.


If it wasn’t an issue in the prior spot, I doubt it will be one in the new spot. Out of curiosity, why are you moving it?

I don’t see a issue, either.

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Thanks everyone for the input!
The old vent was a stub that was not ducted (was also smaller). I’m running the duct and the original location is very difficult to work with due to limited attic space.

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properly sealing the original opening would be the only issue I see…

What that hole in the roof for? I hope you did not move the vent.