Clinton Township leaky basement 2 areas - someone previously did a sorry job in 1 area

Millar road, someone previously dug in this area and poured some concrete about 3 1/2’ deep against the poured wall and, looollll, sloped it away. They DID apply some tar on rod holes however, since they backfilled with all the same soil the tar didn’t have a chance to SET as the soil settled and pulled down much of the tar,folla? lol weak, sorry, stupid crap… prolly charged as much or more than we did for this garbage, see it all the time. You can see they also used drain tile and ran in below grade per the downspout = stupid.

same area, now down a bit further… wide open rod holes – homeowners basement stairs are right against wall inside

other side of house, hairline vertical crack

and then we have people like this lol, this is NOT waterproofing, covering-hiding the basement walls, the mold, discolorment, water with plastic etc is not waterproofing. At best it is water diverting.

RIP Eddie V


Weep tile perforated or non perforated?

A simple narrative would be: because you are dealing with home inspectors. Many novice.

Observation: Wet basement. Bulk water in 2 locations.
Downspout connect to foundation weep tile.
A: Prohibited est 1958 or 1959 in Canada if the weep tile system is connect to basement drainage.
B: The chance of blockage from debris washed down the downspout.
Masonry to close to grade.
Vertical foundation crack.

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