Clip or....

Found this roof to wall attachment on a 1957 home during a Home Inspection in Seminole Fl. My camera broke…so the second pic was taken using a zoom lens. If you look carefully it appears that both sides of the rafter are secured with 2 nails…What say you?

Don’t think it will be enough.

I say metal not worth nothing :frowning:

That is a U clip with 2 nails on each side. I have posted this clip before. You may have to go back when you fix your camera.

Could not get picture #2 too focus, but regardless if the second side of the fastener had two nails it would meet the requirements of OIR-B1-1802 as a clip.

With that said the construction would likely not come close to meeting the requirements of the 2001 Building Code. But what the heck you are recoding information as stipulated per the form generated by the Office of Insuranne Regulation

I would have to agree with Mark. We see these all the time and they get clip. On the citzens reinspections they also get clip