CMI President/NACHI member Michael Rowan awarded FL windstorm inspection contract!

Congrats Michael

Good job Mike for you and your people - hope your inspectors can make some $$ with this contract.

Nick how about helping the rest of us out in bidding on some of these things

Mike sometime when you get sometime in your busy life how about a CMI up date

rlb - CMI

I find it interesting that our good friend, Mr. Rowan, will be able to make some extra cash from other poor souls who also could not quite weather the storm.:wink:


Sorry I am having a hard time connecting the dots on this one – explain


Nearly all of Mike’s inspectors are NACHI members.

Please explain, remember the inspections are free to the home owners

Up early Carl?

I haven’t heard what Michael is paying for these inspections yet. I did here that several other WCE’s are paying $50 per inspection, while they get $150 from the state. It is a shame that the state decided to take this path and make a few individuals rich while the man doing the work gets the chump change. It would be nice if inspectors refused to do these for such a low rate. But we know that will never happen. There are so many inspectors in this state that there will be plenty of them to perform this under paid work. I for one will not partake of this fiasco and make certain individuals rich while they ride my back.

I like your idea Richard.

Lets have Florida NACHI become a WCE and pay the inspectors what they deserve.

Greg, I was shocked to hear that a WCE down here in zone 3 was only offering $50 per, I guess it’s a pay peanuts get monkeys deal.

Those who are interested in working in zone 2 (north east FL) or zone 4 (south FL should contact me as I’m still looking for inspectors in those areas.




Probably all types of road blocks - non profit etc. but it might be possible for NACHI to set up a for profit sub company. Non profits do this all the time. We could even go to the state and ask them how to do it.

Some how it don’t think you and I are making friends in high places with some of our ideas.


Someone just told me that Mike’s company is only offering NACHI home inspectors a lousy $50 for each inspection also. It is truly a shame that SkyeTec was not awarded a contract in each zone as it seems that they are the only company that understands the value of working with NACHI.

I would hope that no NACHI member would prostitute their knowledge, experience & training to work for someone who does not in turn value the work NACHI members can perform. Fifty dollars is a slap in the face to experienced home inspectors, the minimum pay for one of these inspections is $75, fair pay would be $90.

This kind of goes against his CMI principles he so eloquently spoke about…I forget now, what last year or so. If I remember the rhetoric correctly, being a CMI, an inspector would naturally charge more for their knowledge and experience…:shock: …so much for that line of BS…:shock:

And now he is the CMI head kahuna, prostituting inspectors for $50.00…](*,)

Go figure…:shock: :shock:

As the thread grows, I believe it becomes more clear.

$50 No thank you … what is Skye Tec paying?

Perhaps Michael will post something to clear up the matter.

Oh by the way… It takes nearly $50 for a tank of gas… but I can
stay at the house for free.

Cheap Mitigation Inspections :twisted:

I vaguely remember someone touting inspections for $49 and calling it “monkey marketing” or something like that. Maybe it has spread its way from CA to FL.:wink:

That’s cheap. Try $100 and that doesn’t even fill it up - 44 gal tank!