Now that licensing has arrived...

Would anyone be interested in starting a Master Inspector’s Group in the 5-county (Polk, Pasco, Pinellas, Hillsborough & Manatee) Tampa Bay Market? The sole purpose for this group would be mass-marketing and Charter Membership would be limited to 100 members and be completely be unaffiliated with any other group.

  • Managed Internet Marketing Site
  • Brochure delivered to every Real Estate Agency in the 5-County Market
  • Joining the Realtor Association in each county
  • Attending Realtor Events in the 5-county area.

The Criteria for membership would be:

  • Licensed
  • Insured
  • CMI - Or Equal
  • Independent (No Franchises)

The cost of this would most likely be $10 to $12K with all money going directly into marketing. All members would be required to take part in the management of group business on a rotating basis.

Any thoughts or critiques?

Count me in.

Just as I suspected, I guess it’s me & you Nick. :smiley:

Let me know when you step up and move to the Southeast region.