Come Fly with Me

My neighbor took me up this morning. What a great day.

John, Is that a crack in the aft nose wheel landing gear strut? looks like the bolt holding on the propeller was installed backwards. How many hours on that airframe? Did you get a good look at the maintenance log before you got in? Those look like possible early stress fractures around the wing root. In an aircraft that small you need to keep a sharp eye out for pelicans, geese and great blue herons. Not to worry too much though. Those cherokee 140’s suffer most of their bird strikes from behind.


No cracks, no nothing. Plane has a great “Bill of Health”. NYS has very stringent inspection/maintenance requirements all during the year for small aircraft. I do understand your concerns. Before each flight the craft is visually inspected for even the slightest wrinkle and it also requires a thorough checklist through the GPS system before you can start it.

Anyone know where I could find an old wood prop.?


I’ll check around. Just hung one as a wall decoration (not my home) last year.

Don’t get your hopes up too high though. Took them quire awhile to locate one.

Try E-Bay:roll:

Thanks for the help.

or search wooden propellers, numerous sites available

Peter, Why don’t you just carve one?

Just kidding John. It looks like a lot of fun, although flying small planes can be a tricky business here where the runways is at over 5000 ft. elevation. Still it looks like would offer a great feeling of freedom.

Aren’t most of the engines “turbo” in the colorado area. Heck, they can run em on regular gas up here.

Some family members have planes and I enjoy it every time we go up. :smiley:

A buddy took us up west of Billings, Montana a few years back. Flying amongst the mountains was quite enjoyable and tricky too, I understand.:smiley:

If any of you are interested in a metal prop, I have an overhauled fresh out of the box. Only $3500. It includes shipping!

Mounts on an O-200A Continental.

Flew in a Cherokee 140 first time at the age of 4. Sat in the back seat. Snacked on candy the entire time.

I would but it just wouldn’t be the same, an old wood prop. is like a piece of art. I see one down the street from me, it’s about 6-8 feet long and it’s mounted to the gable end of the garage.

It’s very interesting and every time I drive by I cringed that it’s out in the weather and not inside hanging on a wall.