Welcome CMI

CMI now has a place to post news, ideas, and discussion.
Thanks Nick, and Chris.



Did you get my PM, Henry?

Thanks Guys!

We’re making headway, slowly, but surely…

Hey Henry, can you link you CMI message board directly to the CMI home page. I don’t mean running through your other CMI website, just directly to the BB site you set up.

I think we should try to keep other private sites out of the CMI loop. If I’m an inspector looking to expand my credentials, I’m looking for independent sources, not another inspectors sister site. When I started my local NACHI chapter, I made sure to keep my personal inspection business relationship out of the chapters website content.


I’ve seen other chapter presidents who advertise their inspection business’s directly on the local chapters website. It seems inapproriate to me and if I were a chapter member, I wouldn’t like it…

If they like they can link directly to my MB. I do not have access to that site. My MB is now open to all inspection associations. I have set up private areas for all associations NACHI, CMI, ASHI, NAHI and any other association that wants a private area. I even have private meeting rooms. With CMI setting up there own form here kinda shot down what i was doing so ill work with all associations.

I understand.

Thanks Henry…

Is anyone going to set up a forum for CMI members ONLY???

I did and that got shot down after i did it. Only a few grand what the hay.

Yes… I want a forum for CMI only.

The forum here at NACHI will be a good place to make public
announcements, and have open discussion with all inspectors.
NACHI is the best inspector forum in the world, so we are lucky
to be allowed to be here.

But… CMI’s have ask for their own private forum as well.
So yes, they shall have it.

I did not want it to be located on the NACHI server, in order to keep our
relationship with all NACHI members on an equal basis. We are NACHI
members first, when at the NACHI forum, and CMI’s second.

I want CMI’s to have a place that is set up for them only. No
vendors, no hype, just good relationship without motive. It
should be a place to help and support each other. It will be
small in numbers, but high in quality.

If ANYONE wants to set up a dedicated forum for CMI’s
only, I am open to anyone who wants to do it. I don’t want
anything there except CMI’s.

Send me a PM if you know of anyone that would like to create a
CMI only forum. Spread the word. Several have told me they
want to help and do something for CMI, so here is a chance
for someone to jump in and go to work. No pay and no
motives, just helping each other.

If no one responds, I will set it up on my server. No problem.

Hey John;

Who’s in charge of the CMI website. Why can’t the BB be accessed directly from CMI just like we do to visit the NACHI BB? It will look more professional and inviting to other inspectors looking to add to their credentials by doing everything through the CMI website. How can we expect to grow the designation by asking NAHI, ASHI and CREIA inspectors to visit a BB controlled by NACHI inspectors…

Once we get a CMI members only forum set up, (not located on NACHI),
then we will see about linking to the CMI main page. We shall see.

You need a forum for yourselves only, to keep people like Lewis from runnig their mouths and always trying to throw a hammer in the works. IMO

The form for CMI that Nick said to set up has been active since Tuesday. all you have to do is sign up. it has an area separate for CMI and separate areas for other associations because CMIs are from all associations. http://www.certifiedmaster.com/forum/index.php?

Yes, but it’s accessed through this page:


which isn’t going to fly. Help me out here Henry, if we want CMI to be something more than a personal designation for the 300-400 members currently involved, we’ll need to think big, act big and perform big time. If I’m to pay $375 to join, CMI better look, feel and smell good.


Notice it says its administered by the CMI board, not Progressive Inspection Service…


Notice that the message board is located and accessed from the not for profit site. Look under jobs and code talk to access the message board.

Again, why should the CMI waters be muddied by its BB going through yours, mine and anyone else’s private websites?

at this time you can just type in the address and go direct. I do not have access to the .org site to add it That is only accessable by Nick and Chris. They can add it. http://www.certifiedmaster.com/forum/index.php

Henry, did you get my PM?

Just got 2 of them. Its been a little hectic here.

Between me knocking myself out 2 people trying to sue me ( Sellers )and a robbery I need a vacation.

One was upset because i said the ac heatpump was old. She said it was not. I pulled the numbers on it and found out it was made the same year I was 1951. 1 1/2 months until my first vacation in 20 years.

Don’t worry about the seller’s Henry, that’s why the buyer’s call us. Our business is a popularity contest and the only vote that counts is our clients…

Sorry to hear about the robbery, I’ve been through one myself and there not fun. Maybe you should step up that scheduled vacation…

Yep 19 years ago and every year after that.