Commercial building, leaky basement/offices, some lawyers, doctors lol

so what TA do what TA do?

Drywall up in most units

well, let’s run a water test with a hose to determine if there are exterior cracks, cracked parging etc so, run water from ground level DOWN to determine if it needs exterior waterproofing…
few elapsed moments, yep it leaks, water begins entering onto basement floors in several areas, ONLY where the bottom of the wall meets the basement floor.

whatCHA see open on the exterior that was allowing water to enter? uh huh

a different area of building-exterior walls…

what YA see open? What? Leave all this crap open, let it further deteriorate, corrode, rot and instead of exterior waterproofing, install a dumb az interior drainage system and 21 sump pumps? What about mold? It stunk in many of those office units, gee wonder why. In part, it took the stench to motivate the owner to spend some dang money n get sht fixed.

in a couple areas, someone previously dug down and slapped some tar on parts of wall and then they backfilled with all the same clay soil, stupid!

they already raised and sloped the grade and they put in many bushes all around building AND lol, many trees (underground roots) around 1/2 of building that drank quite a bit of water that otherwise would have wound up on floor

Beams corroded, window frames rotted, multiple exterior cracks in basement walls… ask again, it would a-okay to install an interior basement drainage system… REALLY??? No, it’s not okay.

It would have cost more money to install an interior drainage system!
What is the problem with some peeps brains

Pink Floyd, Brain Damage

3:30 → 4:05 Kitty Kat

forgot that a roofing guy told owner she could fix leaky basement-offices by raising n sloping the grade more , she already tried that, he said raise it higher and said exterior waterproofing is NOT necessary loololllllll

:20 mark… owner 'I got an update on him"

basement hasn’t leaked in 2 yrs after we finished and she had a couple other problems above grade repaired… screw the supposed need for better drainage,WEAK moronic stuff really is

raise the grade, slope it away

slope it away, raise duh grade

raise the grade, add soil, use a LEVEL!!!

add 202.5 mile long downspout ext’s

add a splish splash block

paint walls with Drylok and so on smfh

I believe You forgot flex seal sir… :joy:

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