Concrete Tile Roof

Ran into a concrete tile roof with underside insulated in attic. White sheet looks like bldg wrap almost.

Not seen this before

Very common here.

Light weight insulated concrete tiles … Lots of cracks, damage, etc for 12-15 yr old roof


Buck …

Turns out it was also called Elagante Tile; Light-Weight Insulated Tile; the installer / mfg in Kansas City is called Jack DiBenedetto Roof Tile.

Google them and look at the reviews … I think that covers it fairly well.

The house was off Ward Pkwy down over the Plaza ($1,400,000). Listing REA showed up last 1/2 hr for summary and when we started summarizing some of the issues she kinda got testy. Seems she’s in KC’s #1 selling Team for the past 10 yrs or so and I think she wasn’t real pleased with us.

Like I told the buyer … For a home in this price range, most everything we found was relatively small potatoes / a few failed T-panes; localized wood rot; couple missing kickouts with resultant leaks; some electrical cleanup; etc.

The roof was the biggie … She didn’t like that at all / Said she had the same roof by the same guy and it was great (read the Google or Yelp reviews) … Bottom line everywhere I put a ladder or looked out a window it was cracked or broken. I’m not familiar with it ALL we could do was report what we saw AND recommend repair / further evaluation by a qualified tile roofer and buyers insurance company due to large amount of damaged tiles.

Called 5 commercial tile roofers … 2 never heard of it, BUT 3 started bad mouthing it OR the company as soon as I mentioned whose roof it was. SO ???

Document, present, let the buyer decide. Sounds low initial cost. Owner got what they most likely paid for.