Condensate Sump pump

Not sure what they were smoking when the constructed this condensate set up. What the ****.

And yes Jae if you are listening this is the same house with the roof issues.

The vent pipe for the furnace was comical. Like a roller coaster.

“Matilda, bring me down another 6 pack while I finish this basement and modify the furnace”
As Harry Home owner steps back admiring his work while toking on a large stoogie!!

157710 082 (Small).jpg

157710 076 (Small).jpg

157710 077 (Small).jpg

Wow, Pic 4 took me a second, I thought that was poorly run ductwork…

Looks like you had one helluva day David.

Actually this is very typical.

House is no where near ready for a home inspection. Not that many of them are. My attempt to send agents a article on how to prepare for a home inspection went on deaf ears.

Here is my new list.

Hire contractors with no license, experience and do not pull permits.

Have contractors in the home painting while the inspection is being conducted.

Make sure door bells, lights and smoke alarms are inoperable so it appears the house is poorly maintained

Trim vegetation so it grows onto or over the roof so animals can get in or on the structure.

Make sure all garage door openers are inoperable with no safety features.

Pile builder debris as high as possible to block access to attics and other areas the inspector needs to access.

Turn off as many shut offs to toilets so they can not be inspected.

Make sure that the improper finishing that covers electrical panels has no hardware so the inspector can hold the finish cover with his head while open the deadfront to make it as dangerous as possible.

House was under construction as well. I am now just coming down off my paint high.

And this one I could not locate the main water shut off, it is buried in finishing somewhere.