Wind Mitigation advise on condo

(Paul A. Kusic) #1

Ok, I consider myself pretty knowledgeable regarding wind mitigation, but this condo is completely different from any other home I’ve done wind mits on. The subject condo unit is the first level of a two story condo building. The subject condo unit is 1974 construction, all concrete including the ceiling between the first and second level units. The roof is a combination shed style with concrete tile and flat with TPO membrane. There is no attic access to verify roof to wall connectors. Older windows and doors. Am I missing any thing or is there basically nothing here in their favor? I guess my only question is, since the subject condo unit is first level with a poured concrete slab as its ceiling, would anyone check E. Structural reinforced concrete roof.

(Charles Shaffer, HI10914) #2

That sounds reasonable to me. Is the owner responsible for the roof or is there an hoa/coa involved?

(Paul A. Kusic) #3

Thanks Charles. Yes, the HOA is responsible for the roof. So I’m sure we can all agree that a wind mitigation is to determine how well a home may resist damage from a hurricane or windstorm by the building features and technics. So you would think If the first level condo (subject condo) is all concrete including a 100% concrete slab as the ceiling between floor levels that it wouldn’t be impacted in anyway if the roof below off of the second story unit. Even air pressure would not be affected by any changes above. They are completely isolated from each other by the concrete slab in between. Any other thoughts? Anybody?

(Charles Shaffer, HI10914) #4

I feel them same from a technical standpoint. From a transaction standpoint, it’s my experience that the hoa will provide the windmit in these cases.