Contacted with big offer from a Colorado company

I just got a phone call from a gentleman named Dave Ramagas with CWIS LLC in Colorado springs with a pretty big offer. He explained to me that he scored a contract with the Department of Housing and Urban Development with the state of Alaska to inspect homes and apparently has a ton of work.
Has anyone ever heard of this guy or this company?
Appreciate the insight.

I have never heard of him.

What kind of work?

When in doubt… CASH up-front in advance!!

That’s his website.


From what he explained to me was he works or owns a company that remodels foreclosed homes and HUD properties. They subcontract out all the work including home inspectors. Apparently scores contracts with state departments to renovate these properties.
I just got an email from him that is more of a contract than anything.
I have some questions for him so I’m going to call him back.
I’m leaning towards his company can sign my contracts and I’ll give him a discounted rate if somehow this whole thing works out to where “I have tons of work” (as he puts it) If by magic this is real and I get 100 or so inspections than sure, sign my contract at a discounted rate.

Yes Alaska

Are you based in Alaska???
FYI… EVERYTHING cost double/triple in Alaska. Screw a discount. It should cost him BIG to cover Per Diem. That right there should tell you it’s a SCAM!!!

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My apologies, I thought I wrote that in my original post. I am based out of Anchorage, Alaska.

What do you mean “big offer”? A ton of work or a ton of money? My experience is that with field service companies the pay usually is not good/minimal. In other words, yes they may give you a “ton” of work, for not a ton of money (unless you like to work like that.) Price can sometimes be negotiated, however. I’ve had some accept my pricing, and many that wouldn’t. One thing for sure, they’re getting a lot from the govt. They’ll usally keep calling around until they find the guy that will get suckered into going all over the place for basically “noodles”. If that’s something that interests you, then have at it.

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Just saw your other post - If you decide to do it, do not give a discounted rate!

@jfrederick I’m not going to even IF what he says is true. I have mouths to feed.