Cosco telescoping ladders

I know ladders have been talked about a fair bit but I wanted to toss this out there anyway. Lowe’s has the 14’ reach ladder on a really good sale right now. I know the Extend n Climb and Telesteps are preferred but has anyone used the cosco version? I’ve used their stepladders before and the6 were always pretty decent.

Michael, I’ve enjoyed the Extend n Climb and Werner multi fold types but never Costco. If you buy it, let us know how you like it. However, a ladder is not something I ever skimped on for a few extra dollars my health and safety were worth it. It is good that you are asking before buying, to check it out. :smile:


Larry, I know what you mean about not going cheap on ladders. I’ve got a good multi position ladder right now, but there are moments when I see a lighter/trimmer telescoping ladder being useful. I looked at it in the store and the Cosco is definitely seems better than the cheap no name stuff on Amazon, it’s a type 1A and has color codes locks on the rungs. So at 40 something percent off I picked one up to test out at home.

Let us know the brand and how it works out for you, Michael. Oh, and don’t pinch your web between thumb and forefinger. :smile:

For a Telescoping Ladder try Amazon