Costa Rica property for sale

I have a property for sale in Costa Rica. I will pay a finder’s fee to anyone who connects me with a buyer resulting in a sale.

The property, 12.5 acres, sits up in the mountains near a town called Turrialba, 1.5 hrs. East from the capital of San Jose, and 1.5 hours from the town of Limon, in the Caribbean Sea. The area is agricultural, which means it has not been “touristed” to death. Beautiful area, quiet at all times. Buy it as an investment because prices in the area are escalating, or as a base for business in surrounding countries. I need the liquidity.

1 small house, 2 ba, 2 bd., new roof, has its own water, electricity, satellite capable, phone, rural but only about 20 minutes away from Turrialba (around 60K people). An addition with a footprint of 80 sq. meters was started and then stopped when I decided to sell.

See it at:

Milwaukee, WI

I know of a Real Estate Broker here in California that has connections in Costa Rica… Call me in the morning and I’ll give you their information. If that’s the direction you wanna go.


Rico, thank you very much. I am trying this without a realtor for the time being. Realtors in CR are not very reliable, but I will go that route if I cannot do it on my own.

Thanks a lot, I appreciate it.

No problem… I’ll help in anyway I can.