Covered driveway and main entry

Good morning forum, what would be a good term to describe this covered drive and main entry in layman’s term?

I would refer to it as a car portico. Google it.

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In front of the main entry I’d call it a portico, on the side of a house I’d call it a carport.


Yes portico is right on.


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from Dictionary_of_Architecture_and_Building_Construction.pdf (25.3 MB)
the term is
a doorway or porch designed to
allow for the passage of a vehicle, originally one
to allow the passage of carriages into a courtyard.

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This is the proper architectural term.
I have built lots of mansions in my former career for the likes of; John Bon Jovi, Sugar Ray Leonard, Kenny G, Tom Brady & hundreds of other more wealthy but less famous folks. The Porte Cochere was always an important part of the home to these guys…first impression.

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Broad Stone Masonry Colonnade with Gable Tiled Roof Exterior Entry.
Poured Concrete Hardscaped Drive and Walkway.
Just my 2 cents.

Barry and Brandon are correct, if it is wide enough for a car. Good job guys!

I was wrong for a long time and didn’t think twice about it with my languages background. Portico means porch. Habits… :roll_eyes:

Do you have a more zoomed out picture that shows better view of this “driveway”?

Guess it all depends on the home and your clients. If it’s a multi-million dollar mansion and you are inspecting for high profile clients, I would refer to it as a “porte-cochère.”

If not, and you want to explain it in “layman’s” terms to your client, I would refer to it as car portico.

But! can you pronounce it in that elite style!? make sure you do or they’ll get pissed! :sunglasses:


Kind of like whether you are inspecting a Lanai or a porch…

I would call it an awning.

Webster’s definition: a rooflike cover extending over or in front of a place (as over the deck or in front of a door or window) as a shelter.