Roof term question

Anyone know the correct term for a enclosure at the top of the stairs on a flat roof.
Always looks like a shed .

Darn name escapes me.

Penthouse? Vestibule?

Yeah I often refer to the elevator room that way and vestibule would be inside.

I suppose stairway penthouse would do it but seem to recall a better term.

? roof hatches?

Wasn’t sure if that is what you were referring to, thus the link.

Something like this Bob?

roof viewing to north...jpg

Roof top - south end (front of building).jpg

Yeah something like that though what I had is smaller for stair entry.
busted window and had to reference it (used stair penthouse)

We use “doghouse” sometimes - probably not report appropriate either

Haha kinda looks that way.More like a small shed though.

Rooftop stairway enclosure ?

Found reference to “stairway bulkhead” in the NYC Code.

I like that one.
Must not be a real formal title.

That sounds like hatch.Usually such as commercial with the heavy metal door that wants to cut off your fingers as you balance on a rung with the other hand and praying not to fall 30 feet as you reach for the lever.




A means of egress onto the roof BOB?

A Cornish is a side element on the exterior envelope.
Built as wind sheer and insulator for the last story.
On flat roof duplexes mostly in my area.


Roof hatch, or roof scuttle,

OSHA Ladder Hatch.

Rooftop Stairwell Enclosure.

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