CPVC wall connection

Where CPVC exits the wall, does it need support/mounting? I can’t seem to find any information on that. It sure seems like it should be secured.

I should have moved the escutcheon (edit - for the picture - I did move it on site), but there is nothing behind it.


There are CPVC brackets for these supply lines.

I write up all CPVC supplies that are not mounted.

Any pics?

I often see theseor similar during phase. Once drywall is applied they would only be visible if escutcheon was moved as suggested.

Just wiggle pipes to make sure :wink: kidding

No. I just had one yesterday with the CPVC brackets…I should have taken a picture.

I see all sorts of hardware securing these pipes, but I’m finding that most of them are not secured at the cabinet pentration area.

Here’s one I see more often…


I see this more and more often with plastic. Plumbers today don’t seem to think that CPVC needs anchoring for some reason. They put anti-shock devices in line so I guess they figure they don’t need to anchor.