Re-Inspection Format, what do you do?

Hello Everyone,

Could you provide input on how you document re-inspection/repairs. I’ve been writing a separate letter that either states that the repairs are “verified” or “unverified”.

I’m willing to share my Letter of Verification that I created with other but was hoping there was a simpler (faster) solution than what I use.

I’ve been tossing around the idea of just removing those comments in the original report that are on the buyer’s repair addendum and resending an updated report. What are your thoughts on this method?

How do you document repairs after you’ve done a re-inspections?

Thanks in advance

I work off the summary page of my report. The items from the clients TRR are checked and marked as “Corrected, xx/yy/zzzz” if repair was made. I add a “N/A, xx/yy/zzzz” (not addressed) to the rest of the items on my summary page.

I create a separate punchlist, which includes the items that the client has requested that I reinspect (I require that they provide the list). It’s very concise and references the page/item from the original inspection report. The puchlist becomes the reinspection report. I do not alter the original or republish a new inspection report. I charge by my time-on-site which incentivizes clients not to ask me to reinspect trivial items.

Homegauge has a reinspection feature. That’s what I use.

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