Creative Wiring

I do not think this was quite what it should look like.

Looks kind of like a garden with lots of new sprouts

What’s the problem? The splices were done in j-boxes. :slight_smile:


Junction boxes needs covers:p…

Wonder why they purchased j boxes ! Could’ve used snap ties , their cheaper .

Any idea as to why these splices were there in the first place? It’s not common to have so many splices in an attic.

It’s not common to have splices in the attic? Depending on the age of the home and accessibility and available breaker space in the panel, I often see LOTS of splices in attics.

Have I seen THIS many? Admittedly, no.

It could be worse… they could all be tied in a giant knot.:shock:

Gee, I think they need some bigger (and more) boxes and a couple hundred NM clamps.

I’m with you Allen, zip ties would have been cheaper.