credit card processing

Can anyone tell me which company in line with the ISN is the least expensive through experience?

Hi James - Aaron @ Guardian

John and I used him years ago… and then I felt the need to check around and got bit in the butt big time…

So we went back.

Then, I had an agent who’s husband did CC processing and he “promised” he would take care of us.

Boy was that ever a mistake.

Aaron has no contracts, no cancellations works great with ISN and has amazing customer service.

Is there a monthly fee?

Hey Sam! I think it might be 15.00… but the best thing to do is contact Aaron and have him quote directly.

My understanding only if you don’t hit a certain dollar amount.

I’m in the middle of signing up with Guardian right now.

At the end of last year, I was 60% check, 25% CC and 15% cash. It didn’t seem worth it to switch from square, as I wouldn’t save anything by switching.

Since then my percentage of clients using CC has spiked significantly in the last few months, and I’ve had several people ask about paying online, and I’m realizing I’m losing $ staying with Square over Guardian. And integrating it with ISN will be one less thing to think about.

I have been using gaurdian with no issues, I am shopping, since integration of c.c. now people pay in advance regularly. I am a 90% credit card usage now. Dam that cost a lot. I have no monthly with gaurdian.

I switched to guardian his week.

Then of course, everyone this week wanted to pay by check. lol.

But today’s inspection is my first paid online in advance. Pretty sweet.

If anybody knows of a credit card processor that does not charge for customer rewards, let me know. I am paying back more in customer rewards than I would if I just stayed with PayPal’s interest rate. I am fine if a credit card company giving its customers rewards to use their card, but I should not have to pay for them. Rewards credit cards are very popular in my area.

Ok, after a week of nearly everyone paying by check, I’m having a week of nearly everyone paying by credit card, and several of whom paid online.

I’m pretty happy with switching to Guardian so far.

Today the client left while I was in the crawl space. When I mentioned to the agent about I need to be paid, she was embarrassed that her client took on me. But I was able to say no problem, the client can pay online via the email I had already sent. The agent was happy I wasn’t upset and the situation could be easily solved.

I had payment before I got home.

Tomorrow’s inspection pre-paid online.

I should have switched months ago.