This is for all you dual membership inspectors.
I’m considering joining ASHI as a second organization. I’ve looked over their web site for info on cost.
It says $295.00 + $80.00 application. This will get me a Candidate status. Then after 30 days and meeting all their requirements (I’ve met all but one) I can apply for a MEMBER status.

Here’s my question. Is there an additional cost to be a member and is this their only other level.

Thanks for the replies.

Just the costs of the proctored exams (ASHI & NHIE). No there are no other levels at this time. The names of the levels may be changing in the future. If I’m wrong, someone else hopefully will chime in.

Can i be nosey & ask why you’re considering joining ASHI since you are already a NACHI member? Just wondered what the dual membership will ad? does it promote the business any different? or preferred in your area?
just wondered!


I like dual memberships. Personally speaking and from a Canadian point of view Nachi and ASHI have great benefits of membership. Besides Nachi and ASHI are far superior to the Canadian equivalent associations. But from a practical point of view neither association has made me what I am. I am what I am because of my inspection ethics and reputation. Associations can’t make that for you, that is something you build and strive for.


A lot of truth to that statement.

I am what I am.

Belong to as many Associations as you may want, but you are what you are.

Become better than what you are by work and continued education. You do not need an organization to do that.

Well said Raymond.


Both organizations have different benefits. there are more training opportunities in my area from ASHI and meetings to meet with fellow HI’s. ASHI is also better accepted with the high end Realtors in my area so it means more referrals.I also get Hands on help from other ASHI members. and ASHI keeps up with all the local politics so I know when something is comming down the line that might bite into my business.

Now as for NACHI I got a better price on my GL insurance, Better web exposure, Better marketing ideas, Deals on equipment,It cost less in the long run for the amount of bang for the buck.

Hell Raymond join them all.

Bill…if you are so interested in ASHI why not go to their bulletin board for answers about their membership? Don’t mean to sound snippy, it’s a serious question.


I belong to Nachi, Ashi, CFIHI, OAHI-CAHPI. I think thats enough for now. If I were to wait for referral biz from any of the above I would be starving.

I also a strong supporter for licencing in my area. :slight_smile:

Hi. Raymond;

I am curious on your thoughts as to why you would support licensed HI’s.
Could you elaborate on this subject as to what difference you see that it does in your area.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

I think it really depends on your market area and whom you are working with. I belong to both as many Realtors in my area never heard of NACHI and are pro-ASHI. I don’t think many realtors know the difference between “candidate” and “member” though, I could be wrong.

Much of my business comes from a large real estate firm that trains their new Realtors to use ASHI inspectors. In fact, some brokers request my credentials and insurance information be kept on file. I guess it limits their liability when they give out the names of 3 inspectors to the buyers.

The bottom line is that both organizations bring something different to the table. Do the research, see what is best for you and how it will benefit “your” business.

Has it helped with my business in my area? Definitely!

Good luck

I track real carefully where the business comes from and we don’t really seem to get much from belonging to any association. Lot of realtors say we recommend ASHI members, but then you see the list and over half of it is something else. That is just lip service.

Hi Marcel,

As to licencing and why I would welcome it? That is because I do not feel our provincial and national bodies have administered, or self regulated/governed properly over the last decade or more. We as a profession have not been served by any body that has taken or promoted the profession to the public.

Self regulation has also been a failure as far as accountability to the public and members. With no outside oversite of activities there is abuse of the systems or no checks and balances. Financial information that should be forth coming is stiffled.

Professional self regulating bodies should not be offering draws for trips to clients. The governing bodies of other self regulating bodies do not conduct enducements to the public.

As the Canadian bodies are registered as non-profit corporations none of the money goes back into membership benefits.

Because the Canadian bodies are registered as corporations without share capital the members hold no financial interest in the body. This leads to apathy within the membership, there is no incentive for the members to do away with bad governance, and or bad management of the assets built up over the years by the membership paying dues.

There is also a huge concern about conflicts of interest and the manner in which a few large inspection companies have managed to put their personal marks on the profession in Canada without so much as any scrutiny of the members, and what concerns are raised are quickly buried or the directors decline to reply or comment.

As a Canadian inspector one must ask, what have the associations done for members, and what will they do for members other then feather their own nests of self interests. Unfortunately over a decade of self indulgence and ignorance at the top has result in negligence committed by a few and who have done nothing for the overall benefit of all members.

Licencing as much as it is hated by some is the only answer, old habits die hard, and if the governing bodies aren’t prepared to assure openess and accountability to the public and the members then there is no other choice at least in Ontario, and Canada.

Please note that when I speak of professional self governing bodies in Canada I am not referring to Nachi, but the long established Canadian bodies of record, who have appointed themselves as the self regulating bodies.

Time for change to ensure the longevity of the profession and the fostering of accountability of the profession. The sooner the better. No one to blame but the membership for keeping thier collective heads in the sand.

Aren’t you glad you asked? :wink:



Could not have answered this question any better than you just did.

Well said.
Thank you.

Marcel :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

There are some clients and realtors in my area that still believe they should work with an ASHI inspector. I’m looking at the cost vs. return. If I can get 10 or more inspections it would be worth the membership.

Well first I believe their board is not open to everyone like NACHI. Second I’ve been a member of NACHI for several years an I usually start here with my questions. Third you don’t sound snippy, I believe most questions are serious and asked for a good reason.

Bill to answer your question,

ASHI Candiadtes = $295
ASHI Members = $395

Plus chapter dues which are about $60 per year. $40 for educational courses.

Thanks Erol, that’s what I was looking for.
They should post it on their web site.

Bill, I am a dual member. While there is no specific "fee’ to upgrade from a candidate to a full member, you will have to copy and mail a number of your reports to send to their reviewer, so there’s a cost there when you go to full member. Also, if you haven’t taken the NHIE for any reason, you’ll have to pay to do that, as well. Their ethics exam can be taken online through Promissor, and that (if you haven’t done it yet) will run you about $80.00. Finally, if you’ll be joining an ASHI Chapter, there willl likely be a Chapter dues. Not sure what ASHI GLC charges, but most of the chapter dues seem to range from $50 to $100/yr.

NACHI membership…289.00 per year Chicago Nachi Chapter membership.... 50.00 per year

Quality State of Illinois Licensed CE / NACHI credit (6hours)… $25 BUCKS at my local Chapter with super trainers, instructors!

NACHI website and resources to inspectors… PRICELESS

Do Clients ask about your association affiliation… Could not CARE less!
What they want is a knowledgeable inspector!
Do I get that knowledge from my NACHI memberships…HELL ya, at the BEST price!:smiley: