CSPC Announces Improved Free Services for Consumers

According to their email …

When we first launched CPSC recall e-mails, many other electronic forms of communications didn’t exist.

Now that so many of you receive information in multiple ways, we want to make sure you know all the ways you can receive recall information from CPSC.

  1. Twitter @OnSafety: We post nearly all recalls and all news releases on our Twitter feed. You’ll also receive important safety messages, tips and other information. Url: https://twitter.com/onsafety

  2. Flickr: Photos are a priority for us, as they help you identify if you own a recalled product. You can find the photos of many recalled products on our Flickr page. Url: http://www.flickr.com/photos/uscpsc

  3. Google+: CPSC recently launched a page on Google+. We are still experimenting with how many recalls we post on this page and are open your thoughts on what you want to see here. For now, we’re posting Recall Roundups and some of our larger recalls on Google+. Url: http://bit.ly/14ZhXNL

In addition to these social media platforms CPSC posts all recalls on its website at www.cpsc.gov/recalls. Recalls and Consumer Safety Reports are available on www.SaferProducts.gov. We encourage you to search SaferProducts.gov for products you own or are thinking of buying to see what others have told us about those products.

Excellent news.

The CPSC is the definitive authority on these things. And the information is free, with no strings attached.

Yes I know that when my Clients ask for advice on a product that is where I point them along with many other trusted sites.

Great news for home inspectors who wish to provide recall information to their clients while preserving their privacy. I’d like to see software providers linking CSPC look ups in their home inspection software.

Good stuff Kevin, I do the same.



Another great service which is free and provides updates and a free newsletter is We Make It Safer
They’re endorsed by the United States government and do not sell information to third parties.

You mean they are not guilty of mistakenly including a CPSC logo on their website when they were not actually endorsed??


… and directed by CPSC’s legal department to remove it from their website … both times they did it?

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Yes, as opposed to an inspector that will sell your contact information for a couple of bucks.

I endorse - We make it safer


But Nathan… I do not believe that WeMakeItSafer ever falsely included the CPSC logo on their website then when directed to remove it by the CPSC, placed it back in the next two or three weeks… only to have to remove it once again.

Wasn’t this a bit deceptive?

Joe you are being hard an Nate, he wouldn’t ever be Deceptive , naaa not Nathan Thornverry.


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Me too. So save your strength and run the field you play alone.

That would be good.

Re: CSPC Announces Improved Free Services for Consumers

Whoop-dee freakin doo. :roll:

This is too funny again from you. You say play alone, yet you and Nathan were both here…what a jokester. Oh and the reason this field is sometimes lonely is because you sold out all of your integrity to this guy.

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Please explain how my post is deceptive. First, is it accurate? If not, please correct it, based on a factual set of circumstances and timeline.

If I am deceptive, it is not intentional and I rely on you to correct the facts.

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Are you saying you never had the CPSC logo on your site?

That would be a fib.

Are you saying it did not reappear on your site a few weeks later?

That would be a fib, as well.

So… how did it get there if not intentionally placed there? Someone would have had to find the logo, save it, and place it on your site. Could this have been a mistake?