CSST - appliance connection

Can CSST piping be plumbed directly into appliance?

Thanks in advance.

Assuming all the other requirements are met, yes.

Are you sure it’s CSST and not (uncoated) flexible appliance connector piping (6 ft max.)?


6 foot maximum is for ranges and clothes dryers only. All other applications allow for 36 inches maximum.

Thanks for the reminder. It is rare when I ever do see them, and when I do it’s usually on a range or dryer, almost never ever on a HVAC or WH so I tend to not think about them at >3ft.

I just finished a condo in the city that used CSST for the gas furnace and water heater. Don’t see this much.

Goode Inspection 006.JPG

Goode Inspection 004.JPG

In CA (the Shaky State), almost all gas-fired appliances use flexible appliance connectors. I regularly find them exceeding the maximum allowable lengths.