Is leaky basement due to crack in foundation wall or a supposed need to raise n slope grade

So had the homeowner called an INT basement drainage system pee wee over, they would NOT have removed the drywall in order to correctly n honestly “IDENTIFY” the actual problem, no. They would have told the homeowner some BS such as, 'Your drain tiles are likely clogged and so instead of doing messy exterior digging, we can put in new pretty drain tiles for you on the inside", some total BS like that.

They’d have installed a partail or full INT perimeter system n sump pump that would NOT have stopped the water from coming in through the crack and… would have cost YOU much, much more money!
INSIDE the basement… this is how an HONEST-exp’d waterproofing contractor goes about trying to correctly your leaky finished basement

inside again, some drywall now removed… remember kiddies, Unc Bubba was hoping for the best for this n all homeowners meaning, was hoping to find ONLY 1 or more leaky rod holes, no crack

outside, let’s see how that grade is doing… YOU wanna add more soil? You wanna dig 1-2 deep n install some dorky azz drain tiles on the outside, really? Shtt, that would have cost you MORE $ too!

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Way to go, Mark!

Eventually, many people will understand that basement water leaks need exterior attention. :smile:

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thanks for the ray of hope Larry lol

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