Damage to foundation walls, cracks in walls, bowed in walls, leaky basements

Fairfax county VA evrsus what the interior basement drainage system chuckleheads lie about and direct homeowners into the ONE thing they do, hmmm, WHO is being fcatual and honesy and who isn’t, duh!

Page 5 Damage to foundation walls
…'high shrink-swell clays are placed in backfill against basement foundation walls… this practice is expressly prohibited in Fairfax county, was a common procedure in houses built before changes made in county code 1975, may still occur where the BUILDER is careless or uninformed… potential swelling pressure far exceed design strength of typical house foundation walls…

hmmm well
a) why were, are some builders careless or uninformed aka incompetent on this subject? lol
b) who screwed up the, didn’t take into account… potential swelling pressure of clay soil? yeah

By the way, code here in MI STILL allows backfilling of clay soil against basement walls = more stupid.

Back to Fairfax article, page 6…
THEY say (not me morons), 'The most successful repair method is exterior waterproofing and proper backfill… ka done correctly, not half azz’d

SOooooooOOOOOooooo, why do all these interior chumps tell homeowners and home inspectors and everybody else NOT to waterproof the exterior, LEAVE the clay soil and possible roots against walls and instead, install THEIR stupid, pathetic INT drainage system, sometimes with carbon fiber straps or wall anchors? And mind you, THEIR system and straps or walls anchors will cost as much or MORE money than exterior waterproofing + correct backfill.as in this video…

The INT system FRAUDS told sellers all they needed was an interior basement system and wall anchors, cost? $24,000+… walls got worse, basement still leaked + some mold and efflorescence… ALL for the low low cost of $24,000 = idiots, frauds etc - video shows some of what was ALWAYS needed, was needed BEFORE the INT system co showed up!

We hand dug 2 1/2 walls 6’ deep, 2 days, all gravel backfill for $8,600… versus $24,000??? Where is your fricken heads!

And someone recently said, Marky aka Bubba is no better, the same as the INT system jerks, it was said we both just want to sell homeowners what we do, WRONG azz ho, totally wrrrrrong.

I go on est’s and will seek/identify the homeowners problem – i do NOT go to peeps homes and sell them EXT waterproofing for fun versus, INT system companies will always try and sell their system and often will try and sell them a full-perimeter system even though many homeowners ONLY leak in ONE damn area!!!

They won’t remove some drywall on est in order to SEE if a homeowner ONLY has some leaky, deteriorated rod holes versus, i do this sht all the time for freeeeeeeeeeee!!! BIG DIFF, HUGE Mr inspector but you go ahead and believe the stupid sht all you like, can see your stuck in your dumb azz ways on this subject, wouldn’t surprise me at all if some are in bed $$$$$ with one or more interior basement system con co’s

:30 homeowner says Foundation systems of Michigan wanted $15,000… did you listen? lol idiotz
Do you SEE what his problems and SOLUTION is? Cost for rod holes was around $300 dumb azz dollars, so there’s not much differnce between Mark and the interior system companies??? YOU ARE FULL of sht, yes you are.

I could go over to all these peeps homes over th last 40 years and PLAY the SAME type of fraudulent games for, self gain, but i don’t, never have versus all the INT system companies scamming ways, get outta here man

On est’s, when i see the homeowners only problem are some deteriorated rod holes i tell them that, show them, if they just need their lateral line snaked, i tell them… if they are only getting water in due to openings in-around a basement window or door, i show them (water test)… there NO money in this sht for me ya incompetent moron. VERSUS, when these are the same problems and solution when INT system co’s go to peeps homes, they do NOT tell them/show them this sht man and instead try and sell them their INT system, often a full perimeter system!!! BIG G damn difffffffffffffffffff, god i hate liars and the uninformed on this stinking subejct

the Fairfax article and others i have slapped up here from Yoder builders, John McEwen etc and tons of our own videos shwoing anyone with a pea brain what the homeowners problem and ONLY solution was versus this nachi article… i don’t even see the possible, likely NEED for exterior waterproofing in article, just interior crap and water management pfft

HUgggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggge OMISSION, bigly as T Bone brains often says

what kind of hands-on experience are we talking HERE? an honest question for ya

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