Power brace "FIX" for bowing wall.... fix?

:10 mark, somebody applied some shtt on wall… what good did THAT do other than for a lil while hide/conceal the interior view of the condition of the wall, you know, like when a house is up for sale.

So there are multiple EXTERIOR cracks in the wall, what are they going to do about that, about stopping further water penetration through the wall? ONLY exterior waterproofing can accomplish that.

And what about the very likely CAUSES of the cracks and bowed in wall, lateral soil pressure, tree roots etc, just going to leave that sht on-against the wall, NOT remove it huh yeah okay.

Hmm Fairfax county VA tries to inform peeps but apparently few listen n instead believe these kinds of misleading bubbleheads. A few nitwits will probably think or reply and say shtt like, Well Fairfax may be wrong and these INT guys right, hahaha = idiotz, total horse-helmets.

Pages 6, 7 Damage to Foundation wall

In-part says, "Most successful repair method…REMOVE aka dig out the CLAY (and possible roots), waterproof the exterior of wall (not damproof it) and backfill with mostly sand or gravel.

They don’t say to leave the clay etc against the wall, they don’t tell ya to install an interior drainage system, shtt man, there are multiple EXT cracks.

If one uses any other possible help/bracing on the inside it should be done in-conjunction with exterior waterproofing.

Here an interior system co bs’d seller of house, another bowed in wall with the usual multiple EXT cracks PLUS lolllll, they CAUSED MORE exterior openings/holes in the walls for more water to enter basement, smart, really smart mfrs. So if all went so well for the sellers (after spending $20,000++) and buyers, why did the buyers call us to dig the bitch out?

We did almost 3 walls on the exterior for $8,500 ish, a 2 day job, (power brace bullshtt says, 'emergency job, MY ass, took at least 2 days for their INT shtt), 8,500 a far fkg cry from $20,000+
There are A LOT of VERY fkkkkd up mfrs on this subject =truth

Kiss Bubbas…

What a joke and waste of money. And what do they expect when they sell the house, they’ll get their money back on the shit repair.??

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