Poured foundation wall bowed in, still leaks after company installed an interior drainage system and wall anchors

:40 previous weak attempt that cost another homeowner $$$$$ and hey mister, whether you live right around the corner from this homeowner or 500 miles away doesn’t change the facts that whoever installs INT systems in basements like this, problems like this is NOT going to STOP further water from entering

2:35 rods… well duh a few of us have brought this up numerous times in the past

3:20 concrete that was poured back along perimeter too thin lol, yeah no shtt have said this numerous times plus it appears they didn’t pour it back against wall so not having some bottom support for wall doesn’t help the wall, all because these idiots want the water to CONTINUE to come in basements and be able to try n divert it under the floor, yeah quite a few leave a gap there. Top wall support 'n the floor help hold wall in place, important.

This guy might do what some other INT chumps do n that is, cover the inside of foundation WALL (s) with some cheap vinyl/plastic or black membrane to HIDE the wall, hide the incoming water, hide possible mold, hide further widening of wall crack (s)

It certainly doesn’t sound like this guy is going to waterproof ALL of the exterior of the wall n backfill with most-all gravel… which would help the damn wall and STOP further water from entering and i bet they will charge homeowner as much or MORE $$$$$ for his version of an interior drainage moron system n don’t forget silica dust flying around = tasty stuff n does a body good right.

ALL these companies/contractors opt to install interior basement drainage systems and sometimes wall anchors or carbon fiber straps… hmmmmm ($$$$$ MONEY in their pockets, hello) VERSUS what Fairfax county VA says in article, versus what J McEwen has always sadi to do… EXTERIOR waterproofing etc NOT int system shtt.

Pgs 6 and 7 ‘The most successful repair METHOD for foundation walls damaged… is to DIG aka excavate n remove the clay soil… waterproof the stupid wall n then backfill with mostly sand/gravel’… some walls one could put in some beams but needs to be done in conjunction with exterior waterproofing

Poured wall BOWED IN as well, some INT system co talked homeowner into their shtt including wall anchors you see $$$, and someone in the past dug the exterior but backfilled with MOST of the same excavated clay soil = stupid $$$
See the gaps/holes that allow water in basement (yes cracks too) CAUSED BY the int system chumps??? :50, 1:05, 1:10… and some nice cracks as well.

It’s an even bigger pain in one’s ass to have to hand dig BETWEEN the stupid ass RODS, through roots and around, under gas line etc at depths of 6’–8’ deep, try it.
IF there was a city permit pulled on either of the previous bs jobs and this crap passed city inspection then imo the city needs to also be held accountable because what should have been explained thoroughly to homeowner before spending any $$$ was, it would be best for the homeowner, would have best for the WALL to have exterior dug up n waterproofed AND if they want n can afford to also have some beams installed, do both at the same time… backfilling with most of the same clay was a big mistake. That backfilled clay soil, settled, slumped in following weeks/months which caused MORE weight/pressure against the damn wall = very fkg stupid

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Well, “Stupid is as stupid does”.

Keep up the good work, Mark! :+1:

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Shot out to my local company Helitech! I was very surprised to see them on here! They are the only ones I trust around here for basement repairs. They are not the cheapest, but you get what you pay for sometimes.

hey, lol, you home inspectors who recommend wall anchors or those who install wall anchors and INT systems… where are ya’s? loloolllllllllllll Can you comment on leaving homeowners foundation walls with MORE ext-openings/gaps? Hello?