Darn you David A.

Now you have me playing doctor after observing the pics of your foot

Wife has sever Gout in left foot so I shot an image and the inflamation is very obvious

Second pic is me in the nude;) waist up anyway, have a metal plate in my neck and it shows up not as a different temp but simply a different color on the image. Ok I’m done playing doctor

Sorry Charley, but as long as you are “playing Dr.” why not get out the moisture meter?

Couldn’t help myself.

I’m glad you only showed from the waist up :smiley:


Speaking of nude pics, I’ve got a beauty IR image of my wife that I have tucked away. It’s totally amazing at what IR can pick up on a body.


Beauty is not only skin deep, it is in the eye of the ITI holder.

did they not teach you to share as a child?:smiley:


The Doc was talking Gout (for lack of finding anything else).
Now you gave me a reference scan!


Like doing horses, I see but don’t always know what I’m looking at.
That is why I brought the scans to the Doc. But, he didn’t know what he was looking at in my scans! :wink:

We had to work together on it.

They say you must be diverse in IR work. Don’t blame me CB!