Thermal imaging of my new Granddaughter

As I have said before, I started out doing IR imaging in 1979, at the University of Chicago and am still a sate licensed medical thermogrpher. While some have po-poed this, I still contend that medical thermography is much more demanding and one needs much more education that regular thermography or home inspection thermography.

Here is some evidence to my point.

Meet Rebbeca, my first Grandchild, blessed upon me by my oldest Daugher, Eloise and her Husband, John. Due mid February.

Anterior presentation, superior to the left. Note the plecenta to the upper area (left side of abdomen). The cooler area to the center / bottom is the head with the shoulder to the right. Please excuse the “sprawled out” image. My other daughters and wife had been using headphones and an iPod and been playing Motzart “Rite of Spring” to the poor kid.

Hope this helps;


Congrats Will and family!

Leiki Skylar our 4th is due April 15th

Cool and clear image what model imager did you use for this?

flir sd

Congrats, Will.

Nice IR image of the baby.

Let me be the first to say that this is way beyond the scope of home inspection! :wink:

Then let me be the third to congratulate you on your pending new arrival!

Congrats Will…!

Nice pic Wil, I was in chi town today doing a energy audit. I was thinking about you when I was sitting in traffic waiting to get back to Indiana.

Congrats Will!

Congrats Will . . . our 7th and 8th, both boys are on there way.

And all I get is girls. Stinky, stinky girls. :wink:

[FONT=Verdana]Male chauvinist!:):slight_smile: Congratulations! Girls are good.

Congrats Grandpa! :smiley:

Hey! I like girls, but a guy has to have someone to fish and shoot with, don’t they?

Oh well. Guess I will just have to teach her.

Do you think that a 22 Remington is appropriate for a baby shower?