Daugher is graduating

After nearly 5 years, school ends and the adventure begins.

Congratulations to your daughter. I’m impressed. My biggest regret is in not joining the armed forces when I had a chance.

It is truely awesome how much these people achieve. 6 of Liz’s classmates have recieved Rhodes scholorships and 12 are graduating with 1 year of grad school credits. They get the opportunity to do soooo much.

Outstanding Will. You did well.

Congrats to your Daughter and you as a proud Father.

When can she run for President?

Our country needs more people like her. Billy’s Kid(s) as well.

No, I didn’t. She did.

Unfortunately, she hates politics. Maybe that is becaue she is so smart :mrgreen:

Congrats!!! Job well done!!

awesome…congratulations all around…

Good for her! You sure can be proud of her.


A testimony to the example of Life set by her Parents.

Yes. Congrats Will!

Congratulations to her!


Congrats! They grow up way too fast!