Well, She's off. Please pray for her.

Dropped my daughter, Elizabeth, off at the U.S. Naval Academy.

Due to my stupidity (I actually believed Elizabeth when she told me that the big induction ceremony, in from of Banckroft hall with an F-18 fly over and all, would take place at 4:00, I set up my return flight at 7:35). Turns out the ceremony takes place at 6:00, so I could not be there. Bummer!

BUT, the family of Elizabeth’s roommate, Brucie (AKA, Tracy Bruce) took over for me and met with her (and Brucie) at the after ceremony “final good-bye”).

There is the “formal” swearing-in (at the ceremony) and the legal, personal swearing it (done by the many naval officers who attend). There were some 25 Admirals, a lot of Captains and many more of lesser rank. The legal, personal swearing in (after which the actual "swearing-in papers are signed) takes place during the time with the parents.

The Bruces helped us out, in a way that was really good.

Brucie (the plebe, and my daughter’s roommate at NAPS) was sworn-in by her older sister, Amy, who was just commissioned with the last graduating class. Amy swore in her sister (left), and Elizabeth (right).

Thank G-d for friends.

Plebe Summer 2008 009small.jpg

Plebe Summer 2008 009small.jpg

I wish Elizabeth the best of luck, It may sound crazy, but I wish I were younger and could do it all over again. (tough times and good times)

Will, I know you are proud, as well you should be! I remember when my son was sworn in as a Marine officer…his grandfather, a career Army MSgt with service in WWII, Korea and 2 tours in Viet Nam swore him in under a beautiful blue Arizona sky…I’ll never forget it. “*I, do solemnly swear to support & defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic, so help me God”. *

Watch the first few seconds of this: http://cid-be8dc000bc5ea1f7.skydrive.live.com/self.aspx/Public/Enduring%20Freedom.asx

I think I can speak for myself and the rest of InterNACHI when I say congrats and **thank **your daughter and her roommate for their service to our country!!! We will say a prayer for all of you!!


All the best to your daughter Mr. Decker. I know you must be proud of Elizabeth. While my own daughters have many years before they could have an opportunity to serve our country I know I would be proud of them if they took that path.

Be sure to keep us updated on how things are going.

Congrats William!! I know your one proud papa right now… my son will be on his way to the Air Force Academy soon. :slight_smile: You raised her well! Happy 4th :slight_smile:


Double ditto!!!

…and, BTW, if she’s a Decker why isn’t she wearing an orange shirt??

A slight oversight by the uniform committee :mrgreen:

Go figure.

One point. Her room is at the farthest wing of Bancroft Hall (which is HUGE. The largest dormitory in the world) and on the 4th floor (which is the 5th floor, but go figure Navy tradition). She kept complaining about all the stairs and the walking, until one of her NASP friends (a small black woman) explained to her, “Decker, by the end of the year, your a** will look GREAT!”

Now, she is all enthused.

Girls! Go figure.

There’s true motivation. :slight_smile: Congrats Will, I know you feel proud and I’m sure your daughter does too.

TRIPLE DITTO…! :mrgreen:

Just for future information. There is no such thing as a “floor” in the Navy. Whether afloat or ashore it is a “deck”. Fully expect your daughter to start talking in this strange new language because the upper classmen and instructors will hound her and anyone else who does not learn the lingo. It can and sometimes also be referred to as a “level”. (i.e. O3 level)

Congrats Will,

I know you must be great father as well as a very proud one.

Our prayers for her success and safety from over here in eastern Ontario, proud and tough moments at the same time. My own daughter (13 years old)leaves tomorrow for survival training for 3 weeks in Cold Lake Alberta, sat my 15 year old son leaves for 6 weeks to Baggotville Que, same thing survival, oldest is 17 councilor at summer camp not far away from home.All 3 are in air cadets and love it, great experience and the youngest who will be 12 on July 4 joins in sept. He’s our independance baby and coincidently was concieved in the USA, but that’s another post isn’t it.Many thanks to her and everyone else that help protect our freedoms. Congrats, Chuck

My wife and I, and our youngest, Amanda, are humbled, thankful and happy (and kinda sad :wink: ).

May they ALL be blessed and may His gentle hand of protection, discipline and love be around each and every one of them, as well as their instructors and officers.

I takes one’s breath away. I can say no more.

Thanks, from the bottom of my heart.

Will - my family and I thank her for her service and wish her “fair winds and following seas” -

She (and all those who serve) will be in my prayers. Happy 4th!!

Wow Will what a blessing your daughter must be for you and your Wife. Well done.