Deck supports only on blocks

I’ve been wrestling with this one back and forth all day what do you think of these blocks that are bolted to the Post these are the only things holding up this portion of the deck

Misunderstood the question. The guys below have it…

It’s wrong. You cannot do side board beam attachments.

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No can do. And the wrong fasteners are being used in the joist hangers.

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Brian, this is a repair that is approved by the county in this area. Not sure if there is a requirement for the length of the block, but is allowed.

I cannot help stupid local area inspectors. I would write it up and write hard.

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Not sure what you mean by the wrong fasteners. How can you tell what they are? There are some screws/anchors designed for use in joist hangers.

What is the repair being done here?

Missing fasteners and deck screws not allowed.


Missing nails is a given. Without seeing the screw fasteners first hand, and not knowing the type of fasteners, you cannot make that claim

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Show me a single document that shows this type of screw is approved. These are common construction screws, not structural screws.


The question was regarding the added blocking beneath the beam to provide the proper support. This type of repair has been offered often as a fix when the beam does not have proper bearing

I do know what type of screw that is by the head. I also know what approved screws look like.


You give it proper bearing by adding a couple of six by six posts. It is an improper repair. Not only that, the blocking has trim wrap between it and the post. And, the blocking is not thru bolted.

I don’t disagree, however without enough info, you can’t make that claim. I agree that deck screws are not designed to be structural. If that is what they are, then it is improper.

Through bolting may not be required if using approved fasteners for the application. A beam only requires 1.5 inches of bearing. Best to consult the local building department as to what is allowed in that area. I know what they approve here.

Well, then what is your question?


The blocking however appears to be the only support. It is not assisting/repairing an otherwise improper bearing. This deck is wrong in multiple ways.


I don’t have a question. My response was in reference to the original post of the added blocks being improper for beam support.