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Apocolypse Now.

The Gateway NACHI Chapter meeting went well.

Coming to ASHI country had me intimidated at first. The Gateway NACHI Chapter is run by Trek Technologies, a huge home inspection company that operates out of 3 states. It was a bit formal. This was the first NACHI Chapter meeting I ever attended where I was asked to wear a suit. Dave Bush & I looked felt out of place all dressed up. The cost was $35/person (a bit pricey) but they packed the room with maybe 80 inspectors. St. Louis is ASHI territory big time. The meeting was a bit uptight and stuffy at first. Trek invited key REALTORs (which I can relate to at least). Trek's Joe Schwartz gave a real professional prepared speech touting NACHI to the point that it made me blush. Tough act to follow.

Then he just starts throwing these little rubber Brink's houses at everyone... I mean just wailing them at us... dozens of them. Some were bonking people in the head, others were knocking over stuff on the dinner tables. It was a brilliant move because it all loosened up from there on out.

Dave Bush and his wife and both did a great job. Inspectors from as far away as IL (ASHI guys), IN, and OH attended. The OH group came down to observe and are now forming an Ohio NACHI Chapter. Dave handed me a pile of the new NACHI caps. High quality, thanks to NACHI member Ken Trice.

Afterwards I hung out for with Dave and his wife at the bar. Dave is all NACHI business even at a bar at midnight: Real estate conferences, Shure-Test meters, etc... God bless him, somebody has to think about work. I was too sleepy. A couple ASHI guys I met at the bar decided to hold a NACHI training course in IL (required for their continuing education in IL). They had their last one approved for continuing education by the state of IL and will get the NACHI one approved as well. Details coming in May. The night finally ended (late) with me and the ASHI guys at the bar, all wearing our NACHI caps!

"Charlie " (Vietnam Vet lingo for ASHI) are a nice bunch in St. Louis. Thanks fellas. I'll see some of you again in May in Hanoi, oops, I mean Chicago. ![icon_wink.gif](upload://ssT9V5t45yjlgXqiFRXL04eXtqw.gif)


PS. My plane leaves in at 6:15 am.

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Damn Nick,

I wish I were there. It sounds like this meeting was the beginning of a virus outbreak for NACHI members and Realtors. Now, hopefully everyone will go home and spread the virus (word) by getting two more people to become part of this fantastic organization and Realtors will be recommending more often.


Thank you for your hard work and dedication to NACHI. You are an asset here and I?m looking forward to the unlimited improvements that you are adding to the existing long list of NACHI benefits that we are already enjoying.


David Valley
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Dave is the Man!

Keep up the good work!

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Joseph Burkeson, RPI (Hooperette)

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Hey Nick we were happy to do the caps for you guys and thanks for the mention. However I have to be honest and give the credit to my wife for doing all of the hard work on the caps. Were glad that you liked them and really glad to hear that you were able to get an ashi guy to wear one, that is really a feather in our cap.


Ken and Sherri Trice

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Hi, icon_cool.gif

I was there it was a great meeting I was glad I went. I was inpressed with Nick giving out great advise about thing to do to help marketing your self, also the help after the dinner with looking at some differnt bourcher,flyer some of the guys brought. The ASHI member that ittened was a mayzed with the help Nick gave out they said that ASHI has never help them like that the 2 from Chicago told me the would be change hope they do.

Great Job Nick & Dave

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I found some secret info out about Charlie: They all like red NACHI caps.

Must be an ASHI thing.