NACHI Inspectors are stupid

If you do not believe me ask Bob in North Carolina.
He see’s no one stopping him from spewing his poison.:mad:

My reply

You’re giving this guy exactly what he wants, “exposure”.

NACHI members stupid???:roll: :roll:
Aren’t you being a little hard on your selves:twisted: :twisted:
Heck all anyone has to do is look at the current calnachi topic to see that some of the members aren’t stupid, they just don’t have a clue about how their own is org operated, or who controls what, not to mention, it’s laughable that the largest HI org in the world only source of deciding, discussing org issues is on an open to the public bb…:roll: :roll: :roll:

Hey Joe F. I polled several ashi members and ask them if they would join me if I opened a new aznachi chapter, they looked at me like, what are you stupid:mrgreen: :mrgreen:

I don’t think you have to worry about ashi / non nachi members opening a nachi chapter or using nachi in any future az chapters :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

When my name is on that contract and the contract states that I will only be reporting on items which are specified and in such a manner as is specified by the contract I might consider doing it his way. For now, I’m following the strictest SOP’s I can find, naming names, giving serial #s ,ages ,life expectancy and taking no prisoners along the way. The contract has nothing to do with the inspector. That *** in NC should move to FLA. our new legislation has a requirement for inspectors to report on age and life expectancy. Hey, anybody ever notice how long those rheem water heaters that have the model #s starting with 666 last? Coincidence…

Hy Dan glad to see you still come to visit and find out what goes on in the real world .
Glad to see your ASHI brothers figured you out very fast .


Open letter to all:
Thank you NACHI brothers for joining in as we are the only association looking out for the Real Estate consumer.
I am proud of each and every one of you whom has jumped in to protect those buying property in North Carolina.
This guy is dumb enough to provide a place where you can also reach the State officials , so feel free to move on to that link also.
This is a proud day of action where we prove once again that we are the only true voice of Home Inspection in this country and Canada.
NACHI has now expanded into other counties where members are helping buyers and sellers from becoming victims.
Good Job

Obviously when stupidity is standing in front of you its not hard to miss. Maybe you shouldn’t stand around so much!

Ha Ha …I ignore the infiltrator from the useless do nothing club.
Guys here is another info link.

Raymond . Have you sold any of those supper dupper, nickie certified , nacho ac filters yet??:mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:


Stop standing in front of me I am tired of seeing stupidity.

Ray… Hurry up and send $s to nick.
I heard he has to pay attorney fees on the last law suit he lost, and also has to totally change his web by 11-20 or he and all his certified elite are gone, gone, gone, last one out , shut off the lights:twisted: :twisted:

Hmm… maybe it’s time for ashi members to start raising $s by having a yard sale to help ole nickey… :twisted: :twisted:
Lets see, how can I help, Yep I just checked, I have some worn out holey haines, wifes been on my case to get rid of them for a long time ] any body else have something to help ole nickey in these trying times, especially when nacho membership is down 70 plus % in AZ alone… :mrgreen: :mrgreen: :mrgreen:

Thats funny. I could swear you are talking about ASHI. They have such low standards they let someone of your calibre in! :wink:


Sometimes you amaze me by showing how big of an a$$hole you can be.

Be well.

Your pal,


PS: see you at the yard sale :wink:

We’ve got some old stock that your gal Mal QC’d, going at fire-sale prices. Still a little sticky, I hear.
Dont miss out:shock:

Dan, we have no legal bills for defending that little Minneapolis association’s latest attack. We presented no defense to it at all. We didn’t even respond to the motion they filed. Now can you figure out why? :wink:

Answer this: inspectors of what association financially benefit by having the little Minneapolis association spend all their money in court on stupid stuff like and their recent motion, as opposed to spending it to create their very first membership benefit?

Think about it.

:mrgreen: Think sticky…:wink:

Testing penile implants was actually her second position with that company. The first position she had with them was testing vibrators, but had to be transferred after chipping all of her teeth.:wink:



Joe… I take that as a complement. :twisted:
It’s tough competing and keeping up with the best.:stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


Dan go join the moderator’s on TIJ who enjoy NACHI bashing.

A good idea, but with Asshi’s dwindling membership, what’ll you raise, $15??:cool: And who’s gonna buy your thumbed-through “Home Inspecting for Dummies” book?