Defect, or not?

Found this pic online. After a good laugh, it got me thinking… who would or wouldn’t call this out as a defect??? C’mon, be honest! :shock::wink:

I would call it.

It’s a fire hazard.

Oh wait, on second look I see it’s not real.


You sure that’s not at your house Jeff?

Because the plate exposes one side I would recommend changing the cover plate. The violation is according to the gap but who cares when a plate costs 50 cents.

Yup, I don’t use coverplates! LOL!! :mrgreen:

Yeah, I would call it…the ground pin is on the bottom.


No, I wouldn’t call it out…I’d just share a good laugh with the client

I would post a picture of it to get a good laugh with the client. :slight_smile:

I think this covers all the bases… :wink:

Dam Bill, I am trying to shorten reports, not lengthen them. :mrgreen::wink:

So you would be in the non-reporting camp on this issue then… :mrgreen:

Axillary power out common, Made for the current bush ( check wood paneling for Identification of wood)

I would be more concerned that it were actually on a 20 amp circuit.

And Jeff you’re are kidding, correct? :slight_smile:

Robert I was thinking the same thing! LOL

Which Jeff, and which comment?:shock:

Both comments from Jeffrey and you!

It wasn’t you but it’s right there in post #13. :slight_smile:

I only brought this up because I had a client who was given an inspection report for a 1 year old home that stated all of the receptacles were installed incorrectly since they were installed ground down. :roll:

Are you suggesting that my comments are in ‘jest’??? :mrgreen::mrgreen:

Think about it.

If you were doing an inspection on an ‘average’ neglected fixer-upper, would you 1) even notice the issue, and 2) just how exactly would you report it, if you even would.

Not as easy as it seems. This thread was posted to get you to think, once you get past the “joke”.

It could happen to you… then what? ;-):wink:

Jus’ trollin’ :stuck_out_tongue:


In my own home, whenever I replace a receptacle, I “correct” the orientation of the ground pin.

In a home I have inspected, in the rare case I see a ground pin on ‘top’, I always discuss it with my client so they understand ‘why’ it is that way, and also instruct them that if they install metallic decorator coverplates, that they have the receptacles flipped, also whenever they are replaced. Safety first! Clients love that kind of info, that only a true professional is willing to share!!!