Desperate ASHI inspectors, now offering to inspect for free.

Subject: FREE Home Inspections & Analysis for Home Sellers*To: All Real Estate Professionals*

From: PHS Home Services (division of Packaged Home Solutions, Inc.)

Subject: FREE Home Inspections & Analysis for Home Sellers

***What if – in your role as the ‘Listing" Agent you could ***
’ Close 5 or more additional listings per quarter
’ Shorten the time frame to sell those homes by 45 days
’ Increase the purchase price by 3% to 7%
’ 'Salvage" troubled listings prior to expiration by offering a proven solution to sell home via R&R Program
’ 'Pick-up" an expired listing by providing a better solution than your competitor offered
’ Facilitate 4 additional closings per quarter
The above is possible because we have a unique concept that you and your clients are going to absolutely love! PHS Home Services is offering a FREE Pre listing Home Inspection that is designed to help your clients end up:
*’ **with the least number of problems in closing with a buyer ***
*’ **with the most amount of cash (their equity) in their pocket ***
in the shortest period of time!

*This FREE Home Inspection and Analysis would normally cost over $300 and provides a detailed written report highlighting virtually everything that a buyer’s inspector will ultimately uncover: *
1. A detailed, professional property Analysis & Evaluation (Home Inspection) by ASHI certified inspectors performed on behalf of the Seller prior to listing agreement
2. Complete 12 to 20 page written report of findings including digital pictures
3. Identifies what repairs & improvements need to be made
4. Provides professional recommendations, that if implemented would help position to sell the house faster AND at a higher price.
5. Provides the time to make repairs & improvements
6. Useful in setting a realistic, but aggressive asking price
7. Eliminates bargaining issues with buyer
8. Assists in selling a home faster and at a higher price.
Why a Pre Sales Inspection Makes Great Sense
A Sellers Home Inspection is the wisest thing a homeowner can do (other than work with you as their realtor) before the home is marketed. A seller’s nightmare (and the agent) occurs when a well-qualified buyer walks away from a deal if the results of the buyer’s home inspection come as a surprise after an offer has already been made.

  • *If the home is inspected before the house goes on the market you will be aware of the condition of the house before an offer is made. *
  • *There won’t be any surprises and the deal is far less likely to fall apart. It takes a lot of effort to get a sales agreement signed in the first place. *
  • *If the inspection turns up problems, the buyer will want to negotiate a new deal and that second sales agreement is usually even harder to get done than the first one. *
  • *By having a pre-listing inspection done, you can identify problems early. *[LIST]
  • Then either correct them or present them “as is”, assuring that the first offer you accept can move quickly and smoothly to closing without delays or costly surprises.
    ***So what is the catch? ***
    *There is NONE! Furthermore, we really want to help the homeowner sell their home in the fastest time frame AND at the highest price. And we intend to provide professional recommendations accordingly. Our detailed inspection is absolutely FREE no strings attached. It is performed by certified ASHI inspectors with many years of experience. Your client will receive a detailed written report including digital pictures. As you know, with every home inspection, there will probably be the usual list of things that should be corrected or replaced especially before going to market. If the homeowner decides that they want the items repaired and / or to follow through with our professional recommendations that is solely up to them. We are a resource. We would hope that we could earn a portion of that business. But regardless, if they do choose to do the work – it is totally up to the homeowner to choose who they want to do the work. *
    In closing, we know that you will have questions. John Cordell and Brad Cousino from PHS Home Services would like to schedule a mutually convenient time to meet in person to discuss the details of this innovative program. Thanks for your time and look forward to meeting with you in the near future.

Warm Regards

Brad Cousino
PHS Home Services
513.276.1212 (cell)

I wonder if I could sub them out since they work so cheap.:twisted: :roll:

I thought we had the cheapest inspectors here in Florida](“”)

So this company is using ASHI inspectors and paying them, in turn, this outfit is trying to get the repair work…hmmmm

***Something ain’t right…:shock: ***

This won’t be the cheapest, for long. Rumor has it that Russell Ray is working on a new “marketing” idea where the inspector actually pays the home buyer $49.95 to let him do his 15 minute inspection…:wink:

Very interesting if you Google the company. There are enough articles describing them. They have intentions of branching out to all major cities. Their URL is:

I refuse to be out done…
I will pay $100 to anyone that will let me inspect their home.:roll:
I am going to inspect someones house even if it kills me!!!

Let’s form a company and break into homes at night and leave
an inspection report. We can call it the “Inspector Bandits” :mrgreen:

This is getting wierd.

Good idea…Provide a free inspection report and sell them a home security system;-)

The commercial is kinda cute.

I thought this was a gimmick to get x # of inspections under a candidate’s belt, but it says they have years of experience . . .

Like I’ve been saying… ASHI’s come only with cash Candidate system is depressing prices throughout our entire industry and screwing over consumers with unqualified, desperate inspectors… now working for free.

ASHI… the inspection industry’s logo of shame.

Click here if you are blind and want to join ASHI with no courses, no quizzes, no exams and no questions asked:

Surely this has to be in violation of ASHI’s own Code of Ethics, no?

Well, I don’t think they are working for free. They must be getting something. They are I am sure working for lower prices, but if for free, must be getting some form of kick back.

That’s what I was just saying Nick. It has to be illegal.

Good code of ethics here.

We inspect your house.
We fail your house.
We fix your house.
You pay us for talking you into giving us your money.
We did it all for FREE.
We laugh all the way to the bank.
Next. :twisted:

How come you keep getting hung up on that .95?

Once we get above twenty dollars (i.e., our $9.99 DRIVEBY inspection and the $19.99 FLYBY inspection), we drop the cents. :wink:

Our lowest-priced inspection is a $49 WALK inspection for property investors. That would be on a studio condo of less than 500 SF. The WALK inspection on a <500-SF condo dump takes about 15 minutes, and since there is no written report, it’s an easy $196 an hour. Now if I can just get enough property investors together to do about 10 WALK inspections a day on <500-SF condos, I’d be set. Unfortunately, there aren’t very many <500-SF condos around.

Our most practical WALK inspection is on a condo dump that has between 500 and 999 SF, since there are many, many, many of those around. That WALK inspection averages about 30 minutes and costs $99. Again, since there is no report, it has an hourly rate of pay is about $198.

A WALK inspection on a 15,000-SF mansion that has been neglected would be $1,999 and probably would take at least two hours, so the hourly rate of pay is about $999.

As with my LIST, BASIC, STANDARD, PREMIUM, and TECH inspections, the bigger the house, the higher the inspection fee. But more than that, I have priced myself specifically so that the bigger the house, the more the hourly rate of pay is, as well.

Here’s some current (091806) prices for comparison purposes:

WALK - Starts at $49
BASIC - Starts at $139
LIST - Starts at $99
STANDARD - Starts at $179
PREMIUM - Starts at $379
TECH - Starts at $879

In a thread elsewhere, I stated the pricing as “$00 and up,” but at least one person didn’t understand what “and up” meant. He thought all the WALK inspections were $49, and for some reason, he thought the WALK inspection was the only type of inspection I offer. So I’ve reworded pricing here using “Starts at.” We’ll see if that person who couldn’t understand “and up” can understand “Starts at.” :wink:

I’ve been offering five different inspections since January 1, 2005, but I’ve only recently added the WALK inspection as my sixth type. It is directed specifically at property investors who are not yet in escrow. What it does is save them the time of making a purchase offer, opening escrow, and having a home inspection, only to find that there are too many problems to deal with. Then they have to fight and/or wait for days, weeks, and possibly months to get their earnest money back so they can start the process all over again. With my WALK inspection, I simply visit the property with them and look at the major items that all property investors are in: roof, foundation, structure, fireplace/chimney, electrical, plumbing, and some major appliances (water heater, heating and cooling). It is truly a visual inspection with absolutely no tools or testing involved, so if a WALK inspection detects more major problems than the property investor wants to deal with, he walks away and finds another property. No hassle with any escrow or fighting to get earnest money back.

I believe in providing choices for the buying public.
One inspection does not fit all Clients or all needs.

Choices, choices, choices.

The number of inspections I get of each type is actually a perfectly shaped bell-shaped curve. For those who don’t know what a bell-shaped curve is, this would create one:

WALK - 1 inspection
LIST - 2 inspections
BASIC - 3 inspections
STANDARD - 3 inspections
PREMIUM - 2 inspections
TECH - 1 inspection

When I came up with the idea of offering different types of inspections, I never really thought that I would sell a TECH inspection, but I did. What’s more important, though, is the marketing aspect of this. When one markets to the high-end properties, and all they see is a STANDARD inspection starting at $179, the PREMIUM inspection at $379, and the TECH inspection starting at $879, that STANDARD inspection costing $179 on a <500-SF condo looks pretty good, doesn’t it. So most of it is, indeed, simply about marketing, but good marketing brings in lots of business to lots of companies worldwide.

Too many start-up businesses don’t understand marketing and, consequently, fail. Provide your customers with choices, and then let them know about those choices through good marketing, and you ultimately will succeed, provided that you can back up your marketing with a good product or service.

it’s amazing - only one of these guys are listed as ASHI Candidate, the other is not listed on the ASHI site at all. And this is blatantly a violation

Apply the ASHI Code of Ethics to Your Business and Get Great Returns
For the Home Inspection Profession
Effective on June 13, 2004
1. Inspectors shall avoid conflicts of interest or activities that compromise, or appear to compromise, professional independence, objectivity, or inspection integrity.
F. Inspectors shall not repair, replace, or upgrade, for compensation, systems or components covered by ASHI Standards of Practice, for one year after the inspection.


ASHI Construction- Free estimates:D

Maybe the catch is 'We get paid only if we find defect’s or per defect? Who knows with these gimmicks [cons]


When has A$HI ever enforced their ethics code? It’s there for looks.:roll: