Did Johnny use enough nails?

Nice flashing too…:smiley:

No joist hangers in your area??

I think there maybe room for one or two more.

Those are joist hangers, he just had extra time on his hands and molded them into nails.

Sort of a nail by joist hanger combo if you will.

It must have been done on a holiday when all of the stores were closed. It would have been a lot easier to use hangers, and of course a hill of a lot safer.

Take Johnnys nail gun away!

With hangers there would have been fewer nails!

What did they do with the flashing on the top side?

Nothing, it’s flush with the ledger board. Looking from underneath you see light. Not sure what it’s purpose is. It’s in tune with the rest of the design, 8" stringers with 10" treads, 6x6 post set in the ground. A lot of money wasted.

If you evey meet Johnny give him this for flashing details!


I guess he could look at the pictures and understand! (maybe)

You’ll have to show me that technique sometime :wink:

Flashing on a deck … too many builders up here wouldn’t know what the “H” your talking about. :neutral: