Did You Just Copy My Logo?

There is a realty office down the street from me called Merry Fox Realty. Their logo is a fox. I remember this not because I am looking for a real estate agent, but because the image and the name are tied together. This is how good branding is supposed to work. The name of your company and the image should have an obvious-to-everyone immediate connection.

Almost every single real estate office, home inspection company, construction company, and house painter slaps a triangle over a roof and calls it a day. Online logo generators have made this problem much worse by auto-loading all of the clichéd images the second you type in the word “home”. Go find one and you will get 20 different monopoly houses or triangles in a single second. They are all bad and lazy logo samples.

And in terms of names, it is almost impossible to remember obscure acronyms with obscure meanings or last names, especially if the image used looks almost exactly like 100 others.

The goal of branding is to be impossible to mistake for another company, and to be unique in a way that is memorable. Like all of the advice on this forum, you can ignore it or argue with it because you made your own logo, or you found a free triangle vector online. Nobody can force you to brand your company better. You never have to listen to free advice (heaven forbid you ever come off as a normal human being who needs help from other humans who have different talents than you!). But getting a job because someone just happened to remember your logo is stupid-easy money. Don’t leave it on the table because your branding failed you.

We appreciate what you do for Us!

Thanks Levi!

Exactly Levi!You and I worked close on this and you did an awesome job!