Didn't get grandfathered? Pre-licensing course in Jacksonville starting June 27, 2011

Florida pre-licensing course in Jacksonville, FL.

LMAO…AAA schools again! Way to shiiiiiiit on your members…

“Student Membership to InterNACHI *($365 value)”

*Is that a new INachi designation (Student Member) ?

LMAO…who knows. They way Nick will bend over and swallow for AAA schools and a buck is funny.

Instead of working on ways to help the existing members, he wants more and more members to flood the area even more. I personally don’t care, but there are some great guys struggling and these moves will make it even harder for existing members.

I will say it for the 100th time. Nick is NOT AN INSPECTOR, he will NEVER look out for the INSPECTOR. He only looks out for himself and everything he does has an alterior motive.

He spills bile that never somes to fruition. Like the gift cards or the even better remember the he is going to get 100,000 inspections for Florida Nachi members? I honestly think he sits up at night and just laughs at the stuff people fall for. The funnier thing is that people forget his “schemes” never come to fruition.

I used to think he was the master of marketing, I know think he is the master at deception…maybe the two are close to the same thing. I don’t know…

Just found it…remember this?

Many of our veteran members failed to get grandfathered because they misunderstood and thought they had till July. I don’t see how helping them stay in business is “shiiiiting” on them.

As for the Citizen’s contract Russell, we didn’t get it, but we got something better. We made it legal for InterNACHI members to do the inspections and got Citizens to give our members the inspctions provided they had 3 things:

  1. An FL home inspectors license.
  2. An InterNACHI ID#.
  3. An InterNACHI Wind Mitigation course completion certificate.

Between the wind mits approval and getting Citizens to approve InterNACHI’s 4-point form and getting three other insurance companies to use InterNACHI’s wind mit course completion list, the number of inspections we procured for our membership in FL is well in excess of 100,000.

No. We launched it last year to force students to complete all their requirements before being listed on any of our 4,500+ public sites. See: http://www.nachi.org/forum/f25/study-now-become-inspector-later-get-international-association-certified-home-inspectors-student-account-56575/

And these 2, that still attract newbies to sign up.


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So what’s the purpose?

OOOOOOOOO so its to help our veteran members who didn’t get a license…Like who? How many of our “veteran members” messed this up?
Can you name 10 VETERAN INSPECTORS who forgot to get licensed or made that “Mistake”?

What about the guy who lied about being a CMI and NACHI member and then YOU GRANTED him membership? Nick my proof is your actions. ANYTHING to make a BUCK, even if its screwing those who support you.

I can’t “grant” membership to anyone or “prevent” them from quitting, joining or renewing.

Christopher asks:

The purpose of what? What are you referring to?

INachi designation (Student Member)

The purpose of the student members not being visible on our 4,500+ public inspection search sites is to push students to fulfill all their requirements first and to keep consumers from contacting students for an inspection through those sites.