Disclosure statement said...

That the living room floor had been re-enforced.

Well yeah! There was only one post and they added a second one. ;):mrgreen:

They must mean that they turned the brick to a vertical position. They should have “reinforced” the other brick too.

Mike, did they claim an electrical upgrade too? ;):slight_smile:

Yes, we had that discussion. This was more visually suprising.

I just started a report on a similar house, 4500 sf 1900ish, 7 hours on site and looking at 4 hours on the report.

LOL. The one to the rear is in the un-reinforced orientation. The sad thing is that you know the seller paid some contractor in good faith to “reinforce” that area. Homeowners never go up on the roof under the house and rarely into the attic to see what kind of mischief they contractors perpetrated there.

Goes to show to never read a disclosure. They are never correct. Should be some rule against the home owner when they “stretch the truth”.