Satellite dish mounted on roof

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I’m looking for some good canned verbiage for those stupid installations of satellite dishes mounted directly on top of roofs. I comment on it every time I see it but I’d like to tighten up an auto comment on the subject. My usual comment goes something like this:

"Satellite dish observed mounted directly to roof covering. The securing screws penetrate the roof covering, underlayment and sheathing. Over time, this installation will most likely leak water into the structure causing water damage. A better installation might be to bolt the dish to a vertical structural element and seal the bolts/screws to insure that water does not penetrate the building envelope. Other installations include locations separate or detached from the main structure (preferred). If you choose to remove the dish from it's current location, immediate repair to the roof covering is recommended." Consult with a qualified, professional roofing company to determine the best method for roof covering repairs.

Any ideas?

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