Moisture Intrusion and you inspected my house!!!

I dropped everything this morning to run out to a house I inspected last month only to find the absolute worst satellite dish installation of all time. I counted ten unsealed drill holes throught the roof covering. Installer must of ran out of sealant.:smiley:

I have to admit that I was relieved to find this.


Hi! John;
**I would be to !!!:smiley: **

I had this problem in a building I once owned. Called the company for insurance info. They referred me to the actual installer (a sub) who had no insurance. (Go figure!)

Called my lawyer. He had the answer.

He filed criminal vandalism charges against the installer. They arrested him and my lawyer put up a big stink at the arrainment and asked for high bail and a bond at least twice the cost of the repair.

Result? The guy ponied up and paid for the repair (I insisted on a state licensed roofer, who was not cheap). In return, my lawyer dropped the charges.

Try this approach, sometime. :mrgreen:

Now that’s a solution.:mrgreen:

Maybe don’t forget to bill the installer for your “reinspection” and troubleshooting before the house had a huge mold problem!!

Ha, ha. Doubt that poor installer has any money. I blame the company that didn’t give him/her any training. I’d be happy if the sat. company makes my client whole.

I am very happy to make a trip back at no charge whenever the client appears to be in distress. First, I want to make sure that the customer understands that I am doing my best in their interest. Second, I want to do my best to preserve my interests. Maybe visa versa. I’m not really sure. In this business, they seem to almost be one in the same most times.

What do you think?

It’s surpising what money they find when they have a criminal charge of vandelism hanging over them. :mrgreen:

Will, I’ve known you to be more compassionate than that on most occasions. Perhaps time for a visit to with your Rabbi instead of your lawyer? :smiley:

A “good” Rabbi would refer this to a “higher authority”, his lawyer.

We don’t want to get the Big Guy involved. Too much wrath for trivial damages. :wink:

How would that be considered criminal vandalism? Negligent, Yes.