Shingling over dish bracket

Anyone ever see this - shingling over a dish bracket?

Dish connection.JPG

Yes we see stupid crap on every inspection but not that one write it up and move to the next one;-)

Oh yes, but some of the ones that I’ve seen had a gallon of roofing plastic smeared all over the shingle cuts and 8" up the mast. :shock:

Actually, a pretty decent job of cutting around it, but would have been quicker to reinstall it over the new shingles. Monitor for leaks, my statement would be.

shingling! Huh !
Isn’t that some sort of British currency ?

I actually work for a sat provider now and see that every day the roofers do it in the hopes they don’t have to re align the dish and the client doesn’t want to pay for it to be properly redone not knowing it will cause all kinds of problems later on on both sides the roof and dish