Display Issues

Anyone else have display issues with HG on high resolution laptops. It makes everything tiny and the photos are difficult to edit due to size. I have played around with the display settings, it helps some, but still awkward. Also, it sucks to have a nice new laptop and have to lower the display settings.

I’d try calling in for support.

They have had this problem for the last year since I got my Surface Pro 3.

I have about had it and might go buy a cheap 17" laptop to use until HG can catch up with todays technology

There are some settings you may be able to do to make it work better. There are about 5 different icon sizes that we need to create depending upon the device. With the new website re write complete we have caught up our website to “today’s technology” which blows away our competitors software websites that is antiquated. So, now we will work on icons that look better for our software depending on the laptop you use.

Call in and we can see if we can make your resolution any better until we make the new icon sizes

Russell - I agree your website is Better, I never stated it wasn’t - I said your software needs to catch up with “Today’s Technology”

In your defense HIP is the same way and expects you to dummy down your new 1600.00 laptop to better use their software as well - I just hope that you update your software to make it better for the higher res screens, It’s not just an icon issue.

Thanks Jared. We have every intention too. We chose our website and HG Services as priority. Now that it is complete we plan to do a 5.2 update that will make it better. Then version 6 (which will be next on our list) will include the fixes you want …more than just icons.

I hope version 6 isn’t to far out there? I think HG is the best and I would really like to use it on my top of the line equipment.

We may get more done for hi res devices in our upcoming 5.2 so stay tuned.