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FYI…This is one many copies I received .

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Greetings to the members of OAHI

Andrew Dixon has written 2 letters to the members one on March 28th and one on March 31st.
The march 28th letter outlines the results of a meeting he called in Calgary earlier in the month. The March 31 letter outlines the minutes of the AGM held in Kingston at the end of Feb.
Andrew’s letters point out that the OAHI board has been working on your behalf to form agreements with CAHPI and two of the other provincial organizations
While agreements can be a good thing I think some pertinent history is useful in assessing people’s actions.

In November of 2005 the OAHI board had some concerns about the direction and process of the national certification program.
On November 25 2005 the OAHI board held a meeting in the training office.
CAHPI/National Certification authority were have a meeting in Toronto on the same day. This was to set up the National Certification Authority.
OAHI had asked for a joint meeting with CAHPI/NCA. CAHPI set aside time on their agenda to accommodate us. At the last minute OAHI decided not to meet with CAHPI.

The OAHI board drew up 5 things that were a concern or that they would like answers to. We emailed them to our Ontario Rep at the meeting.

Our concerns in November were basically the same things we got agreement on in Kingston.

CAHPI discussed these concerns. Some of them they could answer and some they could not because they were not far enough along the process.

Throughout December January and Feb OAHI rung it’s hands because they were not getting answers from CAHPI. By the Middle of January it was no longer CAHPI to answer. It was in the hands of the National Certification Authority. Graham Clarke our representative was now the chair of the NCA.
None of our CAHPI representative reported on our concerns. Neither the OAHI President or the OAHI Secretary bothered to get in touch with CAHPI or our reps to get the answers.
This could have been done with our own letter or a phone call.
We are less than 1000 inspectors across Canada. We all know most of the people in the other organizations… If we wanted the information we could get it.
We didn’t
At Kingston we spent a lot of time in meetings. The end result of those meeting were we had a list of concerns and the answers to them from the CAHPI President. They formed the basis of the board response to the motion to not pay our CAHPI dues. While I am in agreement with the points raised I believe we could have done that much easier with a little proactive communication on OAHI’s part and that the meeting did not need to be as long as it was.
At the AGM Alrek Meipoom was elected President. 2 days later on Feb 28th Andrew Dixon called Graham Clark one of our CAHPI representative and fired him.
CAHPI reps are board appointments and the board had not been consulted.
Two days later I was informed by Alrek that he was stepping down as President.

At the OAHI BOD meeting on March 10th we were told by Alrek that Graham Clarke had stepped down as our representative. No mention was made to his being asked to do that.

A week later Andrew Dixon chaired a meeting in Calgary with representatives of CAHPI Alberta and BC
The OAHI Board was not informed of this meeting. The CAHPI board was not informed or this meeting and the people invited were asked to keep it confidential.
Andrew Dixon, Ralph Banks, Tom Lloyd, and Trevor Welby-Solomon attended the meeting from Ontario.

These are not the actions of integrity.
These are not the actions of openness.

These are the actions of somebody who has something to hide.

I would ask you to look at the following points. The ones in green are from Andrews report on the secret Calgary meeting to which only a few people were invited. The points in Blue from the Kingston meeting.
Ask your self are the changes in the two versions worth the $4-5000 it cost OAHI to send 4 people to Calgary.


  1. We recognize that a National Certificate Holder, affiliated (member of a CAHPI regional body) or
    unaffiliated, will be governed and shall abide by one set of Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics as
    required by the Provincial/Regional Body in which they practice with disciplinary measures being
    implemented for those who do not follow this mandate.

All national certificate holders in Ontario, unaffiliated or not, will sign a binding contract with CAHPI. In Ontario, part of
that contract would outline the obligations of the holders and their following the OAHI Standards of Practice and Code of
Ethics, with disciplinary measures being implemented for those who do not follow policy.

  1. The National Certification Authority’s responsibility is to promote the National Certification Program to
    educators and industry stakeholders. CAHPI National’s responsibility is to promote the interests of the
    Provincial/Regional Bodies. The duty of the Provincial/Regional Bodies is to promote its members.
  1. The National Certification Authority’s (NCA) responsibility would be to promote the NCP to educators and industry
    stakeholders. CAHPI National’s responsibility would be to promote the provincial body (CAHPI-Ontario/OAHI).
    CAHPI-Ontario’s duty is to promote its members.
  1. The National Certification Authority will maintain a database of all National Certificate Holders, but will not
    promote the individuals. The certification authority database will only respond to a search for an individual
    certificate holder, it will not provide a list of all certificate holders.
  1. The NCA will maintain a list of all national certificate holders, but not promote it. The NCA and CAHPI National’s
    website will be set up to direct/link all Ontario inquiries to the CAHPI-Ontario (OAHI) website.
  1. CAHPI is currently conducting a pilot project of the National Certification Program with 100 practising
    inspectors selected from across Canada, The project is expected to be completed in early April and a
    report is to be prepared by the National Certification Authority defining the implementation of the
    certification program process. The report will include any revisions and any proposed changes to the
    CAHPI By-laws. This report and all supporting documents will then be sent to all Provincial/Regional

Bodies who have up to 60 days for review and reporting back to the certification authority and CAHPI
4. Another concerning issue to the Board was time lines and deadline dates. There is a July 1, 2007 date to implement the
program. A report to be prepared (sometime in April/May) by CAHPI defining the NCP’s full process, will be sent to the
OAHI and the Association will have up to 60 days to review and respond back to CAHPI. If there is still further review
needed at that time (to make things right), it should be made available, even if deadline dates are deferred.

  1. While it is understood that CAPHI National and the National Certification Authority will share a common
    office and administrator, it is clearly understood that no CAHPI funds will be used to directly fund the
    activities of the certification authority.
  1. CAHPI dues will not be directed to fund the NCP in any way. The NCP was designed to be a self-sustaining program.
    Furthermore, administration of the NCP in Ontario will be the duty the OAHI and it will be fee-based.
  1. CAHPI National will devote their future efforts and funds to promoting the best interests of the
    Province/Regional Bodies.
  1. The OAHI is anticipating that CAHPI will devote future efforts and funds in promoting the provinces.
  1. CAHPI National will make a commitment to the Provincial/Regional Bodies to communicate in a timely
    manner about the ongoing process.
  1. CAHPI has made a commitment to improve communications with the provinces about the ongoing process.

The reason there is so little difference is because Alberta and BC essentially had that as their understanding before the meeting. One person told me it was a non event.

$4-5000 for a non event.

Regardless of the outcome did we need to spend the money and did we need to base it on deceptions.
I believe Andrew Dixon and the OAHI board need to answer the following questions.

Why did Andrew Dixon over step his authority and fire a board appointed representative without board approval?

Why did Alrek and Andrew lie to the board by not informing the board of the circumstances of the representatives “stepping down”?

Why did Andrew Dixon organize a meeting of some other CAHPI organizations without the knowledge of the of the CAHPI board and without the knowledge of OAHI board. A meeting that does not appear to have been necessary and which cost OAHI $4-5000 for travel.
Again I would point out that these are not the actions of people acting with integrity.
These are the actions of people with something to hide.

Any one wishing to inquire about this should take the time to ask Andrew

Why did you act without authority and fire a board appointed representative to another organization.
Why did you and Alrek lie to the Board of directors and subsequently to the members about the representative stepping down?

Why was the meeting in Calgary held in secret without the prior knowledge of the CAHPI board or the OAHI board?
I believe that Andrew and others on the board believe they are working in the best interest of the members.
They have deviated from a path of integrity and even they are well intentioned if they are not called to account for their actions we will all suffer.

Too often we think that things are beyond our control and that people will just do what they will do.
Any organization should be accountable to its members and the actions of an organization must stand up to scrutiny but the members must care enough to ask and get involved.

“The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” Edmund Burke

Andrew Dixon can be reached at


George Webb

So the question that immediately comes to mind is, and based on the following…

With this sort of crap going on in a self regulating body, legislated by the Ontario Government there appears to be no assurance of any integrity. After reading your post Roy why would anyone sign anything with OAHI, let alone CAHPI. Those who were chosen of course. Maybe those not chosen should consider themselves lucky.


WOW and thanks for sharing this. KAOS in the ranks. All we need is agent Maxwell Smart and we got a TV show any takers for Agent 86

Did anyone in management in OAHI and CAHPI read this document? Given whats going on it appears they didn’t!

***If for any reason you cannot agree to help in a positive manner, or if the timing of this project conflicts with other events, or if you have any conflicts with the intents or goals of this initiative, please let us know immediately so we can replace you.

The National Certification Program has taken years to develop, and it is exciting for us to finally be in the Pilot Project part of the Implementation Phase. The Canadian Home Inspection Profession has attained a level of credibility and maturity due to this project. It will give us all more respect and support from home buyers, realtors, insurers, lenders, etc.

It is exactly that “level of maturity and credibility” that I, as a small business man and member of N.A.C.H.I. am trying to avoid. It is time that people in Government knew what is going on behind the curtain.

It would appear that the whole process is flawed, from the get go. That the people at OAHI are now asking the tough questions and they too are not getting the answers is somewhat reassuring in that we, at NACHI, are not the only ones that don’t believe what we are being told. I would suggest that all people with a vested interest in the process start screaming loud and long at CHMC and the Minister responsible to make sure the process is going to be fair and impartial. It does not appear that way at present and has not in the past, therefore to expect that it will be in the future, is in my mind, wishfull thinking. I still don’t get the bit about people sitting on the certification council that don’t have a clue about what we, as home inspectors, do or how we go about it. The people in the council should be at least building professionals and ideally retired home inspectors with, I might add, no affiliation what so ever to any association. Of course this won’t happen as then the process would be as it was set out to be, impartial. These are just some of the thoughts that are going through my head and my opinion. We all know what your opinion gets you. Your opinion and a buck might buy you a cup of coffee, but I doubt it.

Larry, do you have a list of contact email addresses at CMHC, or anywhere else for that matter, that members and non members alike, can contact to make our misgivings understood? If so, would you mind posting them here?

I would imagine that, with the house just getting back to work the contact numbers and email addresses will be available very shortly. I am checking the government sites regularly but as of yet no joy.

Thanks Larry. Maybe it is time for a small group of Informed non-aligned inspectors to request some meeting time with the minister.
Please keep us posted about contact information.

A petition should be sent rather then individual letters? Maybe we should just go away, seems to be only a handful of concerned members, why bother?

I say we do it Raymond. What the hell, we will get the names of all the NACHI members in Canada, and send them a letter requesting their response.
Also on the letter outline some of the concerns we are having. You design the letter, I will send it to all the Canadian NACHI members.

Ray and Tyrone

Count me in

I agree that a petition will be a very useful tool in establishing our credibility with the Minister. We must make the opening statement very clear and without adding a bunch of confusing issues that will just muddy the waters.

That being said, I still think that presentation of this petition to the Minister by a group of informed and CALM inspectors will go a long way toward gaining us the traction that we need. We should sit down with the minister to discuss the numerous issues in an organized manner with inspectors who have the background information to support our cause. We should also have a hard copy of our presentation so that those who make the decisions will be able to digest our concerns and act upon them accordingly.

I will happily help to prepare the petition, the presentation, make contact with the minister’s office, attend the meeting and go to Timmy’s for fuel. but let’s get this going A.S.A.P. Perhaps communication by private Email is in order from now on?

Your suggestion of private emails is worth considering, however, I believe that keeping the populace informed as to what is happening will go a long way in furthering our cause. If all is kept above board we will be seen as those trying to do what is best for the industry instead of hiding like the “other” association is trying to do. What say you?

Dear Minister,

We the undersigned as members of the National Association of Home Inspectors (NACHI) have very grave concerns with regard to CAHPI (Cdn. Assoc. of Home Property Inspectors) and the National Initiative which has mandated itself as the body which will oversee National Certification of Home Inspectors. We feel that the process is flawed, and that the information from CAHPI is misleading and that non aligned and aligned inspectors with other home inspection associations will be mandated to join Provincial Home Inspection Associations not of their choosing under the guise that National Certification has some legislative authority which we believe to be very misleading. We are also concerned about percieve conflicts of interest and manipulation by self appointed, so called self regulationg bodies who by their documented lack of accountability may be a very poor choice to oversee this program.

We respectfully request a meeting with you at your earliest convenience so that we may air our concerns and treatments and the use of taxpayers money to fund this questionable program…

Not only should we meet with the Federal Minister we should also meet with the Provincial Minister of Consumer and Business Affairs.

I will sign that petition in a heart beat.

Where is everyone else???

There only seems to be half a dozen people concerned???

You can count me in Ray.

Where do I sign?:smiley: