Dji you call out the service to house

Im doing an older home that is 900 sq ft house with no garage. The panel upgraded to a 200 amp square d panel. But the wires coming to the house are undersized for the panel would you can this out?

I have almost no knowledge of the interior of an meter box will this control this???

Those wires are sized according to the power company rules. It is very common for the old triplex to remain with a service increase.


Those appear to be newer lines. As Jim said that part of the electrical service is determined and installed by the power company…if it’s not smokin, ignore it and move on…


That is my experience, too. As the local power company Xcel, 'splained to me, the wires are out in open air, but they can size them to their own guidelines, anyhow and it turns out that power companies are not under NEC rules.


Thanks for the feedback.

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Your AWG feeler set is intact. How old is it. The life expectancy of the last 2 sets I purchased was about 2 months.
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No worries. Everyone understood.

I agree with Jim and I see no reason why you should even waste any time checking the size of the drop conductors. Even if you could somehow accurately report them as undersized the utility company will probably not change them.


Happens to me, too. I heavily rely on spellcheck, but it can be embarrassing when I somehow screw up a spelling so bad that it is actually a word and spellcheck doesn’t check for context. (Funny, I typed “contest” and luckily caught my mistake, or I would have had one of those stupid misspellings here)


Those conductors are in the control of the PoCo, and outside of the scope of the NEC.

Utility companies generally follow the NESC, but are regulated, and granted authority, by way of tariffs.

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Fwiw, it’s pretty rare for even the most ambitious DIYer to pull feeders from the pole to the house :slight_smile: